Chennai Triathlon – July 19th – Prep Mailer

Cycle Rental
Important: articipants should bring their own cycle to the venue. Those looking to rent a cycle can contact following stores in Chennai: Probikers, Balaji Cycles, Just Rent Cycles, Just Buy Cycles (Contact details on Google). Book your cycle well in advance to avoid last minute rush. Olympic/Sprint participants can consider sharing cycle with Half Iron as these happen during morning / afternoon respectively.
BIB Distribution
You will receive your BIB only after handing a signed copy of the disclaimer form: download here. You can collect your BIB at Agni College on Friday evening 7-10pm or Saturday morning 5am onward at the swimming venue
Overnight Stay
Participants are welcome to stay free overnight at Agni College on both Friday and Saturday night. Those looking for paid accommodation can search for hotels near Navalur.
Report/Start Timings
Please report to the venue as per your category + assigned BIB:
Olympic All 5 AM 5:30 AM
Sprint Batch 1 S101-S200 6 AM 6:30 AM
Sprint Batch 2 S201-above 7 AM 7:30 AM
Half Iron  All 2:30 PM 3 PM
Venue map
  • You can reach the venue through the OMR IT Highway (Old Mahabalipuram Road) as per below map
  • You can either report on Friday evening at Agni college (free overnight stay) or Saturday morning at the swimming venue
  • The swim venue is located approx 1km from Agni College
  • Cars and cycles can be parked at either Agni/Swim venue (bring a lock)
  • Cycling will be done along OMR (proceeding South wards)
  • Running will be done along a 5km loop nearby Agni college (1km from Swim venue)
Swim venue
  • Report at the open water swimming venue at the above indicated timings 
  • Cars can be parked in the open ground on the right side. Drop any valuables in your car.
  • Report at our info desk, hand over the signed disclaimer and pick up your BIB (if not done yet on Friday evening at Agni)
  • Park your cycle near the info desk where you can pick it up directly after the swim
  • Hand over your cycle/run luggage to our baggage counter (IN COUNTER)
  • After the swim you can access your luggage to change and hand it back at the OUT COUNTER after which it ll be transferred to the run venue
  • There is one Swim Aid Station with hydration
  • 2 tents are provided for ladies to change
Swim section

Participants in each category will complete a different number of loops:
  • Olympic: 5 loops (1 loop = 300m) – 1500m
  • Sprint: 2.5 loops – 750m
  • Half Iron: 6.3 loops – 1900m
Timings/Loops are tracked manually by our volunteers (mention your BIB# out loud while taking U-turn)
Cycle section
  • After completing the swim, proceed with your cycle back towards OMR
  • Take a right on OMR/Navallur and proceed all the way straight 
  • Sprint: take U-turn at 10K / Padur (Aid Station 1)
  • Olympic: take U-turn at 20K / Thiruprorur (Aid Station 2)
  • Half Iron: continue along OMR until you reach Mahabs/ECR
  • After crossing the tollgate take a sharp right to Chengalpattu (do not proceed straight on ECR!)
  • Half Iron: take U-turn at 45K / Thirukalukunram (Aid Station 3)
  • After taking U-turn cycle back North towards Agni college
Running loop
  • Participants will be running along a 5K loop
  • Aid Stations are provided every 2.5K
  • Sprint: 1 loop (5K)
  • Olympic: 2 loops (10K)
  • Half Iron: 3 loops (21K)
Cut-off Timings
Participants who do not finish within below cut-off timings will not receive a medal, finisher t-shirt, e-certificate or trophy:
  • Half Iron: 10 hours (men), 11 hours (women)
  • Olympic: 6 hours (men), 7 hours (women)
  • Sprint: 3 hours (men), 3.5 hours (women)
Aid Stations

Aid Stations are equipped with refreshments:
  • Water
  • ORS energy drinks
  • Bananas, Mosambi’s
  • Lemons, Salt
  • Peanut bars, snickers
  • Sandwiches (finish  + 45K U-turn for half Iron)
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