Chennai Triathlon – Final Prep Mailer

Report / Start Timings
Please report to the venue as per your category + assigned BIB:
Olympic All 5 AM 5:30 AM
Sprint Batch 1 S101-S200 6 AM 6:30 AM
Sprint Batch 2 S201-above 7 AM 7:30 AM
Half Iron  All 2:30 PM 3 PM
Must Carry
Must-carry items
Signed printout of disclaimer form
Confirmation mailer (soft copy on smartphone)
Cycle torch (must for Half Iron)
Running torch (must for Half Iron)
Phone with emergency contacts (will be shared)
Water bottle on cycle
Bag to hand over your luggage at baggage desk
Venue Map
Event Flow
Seq Event Flow Volunteer Team
1 Park vehicle at designated parking zone. Do NOT enter venue with cars Route marshals
2 Park cycle at designated cycle parking area Baggage team, Cycle Support
Route marshals
3 Hand over signed disclaimer printout at registration desk BIB desk
4 Collect BIB and (if advance paid) participant t-shirt (+few available for sales) BIB desk
5 Attach BIB to cycle / run t-shirt and keep it with you
6 Change to swimming dress (tents available for ladies)
7 Hand over cycle/run baggage to BAGGAGE IN counter Baggage team
8 Hydrate yourself at swim aid station A1 Aid Station A1
8 Report at the warm up area for stretching Warm up, Physio team, First Aid
9 Batches of 20 each will be flagged off every few minutes Timing team
10 Walk through “START SWIM” timing station with your t-shirt and attached BIB Timing team, Swim timings
11 Drop your t-shirt and attached BIB at designated counter near pool Baggage team
12 Swim clock-wise around the 150m centre rope for required number of loops Swim timings
13 Take U-turn around the last lorry tube at each end of quarry Swim timings
14 Call out your BIB number to Swim timing volunteer at end of each loop while taking U-turn Swim timings
15 After completing required number of loops, step out of water Route marshals
16 Collect your t-shirt with attached BIB Baggage team
17 Walk through “FINISH SWIM” timing station + timing volunteer Timing team, Swim timings
18 Collect your baggage at BAGGAGE IN counter Baggage team
19 Change to cycling outfit and drop baggage at BAGGAGE OUT counter Baggage team
20 Out Baggage is transferred every 30 minutes to run venue Baggage team
21 Take your cycle and walk through “START CYCLE” timing station + timing volunteer Timing team, Swim timings
22 Follow the direction sign boards + road markings to OMR cycle route Route marshals
23 Sprint / Olympic / Half Iron take U-turn at Aid Station A2 Padur (10K) / A3 Thiruporrur (20K /
A4 Thirukukundram (45K) + report your BIB to U-turn timing volunteer
Aid Station A2/A3/A4, First Aid
Cycle Support, Physio team
24 While returning back after Agni college at T-junction turn left to run venue Route marshals
25 Walk through “FINISH CYCLE” timing station + timing volunteer Timing team
26 Drop cycle near designated cycle parking zone Baggage team, Route marshals
27 Hydrate yourself at run aid station A5 Aid Station A5, First Aid, Physio team
28 Collect baggage from BAGGAGE counter, change to running gears, drop baggage back Baggage team
29 Walk through “START RUN” timing station + timing volunteer Timing team, Run timings
30 Run required number of 5K loops, report at run start/finish timing volunteer during each loop Run timings, Route marshals
31 Hydrate yourself at run aid station A6 (mid-way) Aid Station A6
32 After completion, walk through “FINISH RUN” timing station + timing volunteer Timing team, Run timings
33 Receive your medal at the FINISHER podium (only if within cut-off time) Timing team
34 Cool down / stretch at physio area Physio team
35 Pick up your sandwich at sandwich counter Sandwich team
36 Triathlon t-shirt and CTC club t-shirt available for sales at counter BIB team
37 Pick up your baggage at BAGGAGE counter Baggage team
38 Receive your podium finisher trophy (first 3 positions) after 30 minutes Timing team
39 Pick up your cycle at cycle parking, cycle back to swim venue car park or home Baggage team
Venue Maps
Agni College (Overnight stay Friday)
Cycling Routes

Sprint (U-turn at Aid Station A2 – Padur)
Olympic (U-turn at Aid Station A3 – Thiruporur)
Half Iron (U-turn at Aid Station A4 – Thirukazhukundram)

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