Chennai Coastal Cleanup/7 – Green Kit

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Introducing the Chennai Coastal Cleanup Green Kit. Say NO to single use plastics which cause significant damage to our environment and own health: polythene covers, plastic bottles, paper / plastic cups, The CCC Green Kit consists of 3 items: a cloth bag, stainless steel flask and mug which allow you to eliminate use and throw plastics from your daily life. We are providing these items at procurement cost with the sole purpose to sensitize people against single use plastics and create awareness on a more sustainable future.

The CCC Green Kit will be available in approx. 2 weeks and has to be collected at one of below locations in Chennai city through either yourself or a friend. The CCC logo is printed on each item in the green kit.

Step 1 – Identify how many complete kits or individual items you wish to order.
Step 2 – Make Payment to one of below accounts
Step 3 – Submit the form below with your order and payment details
Step 4 – Collect your CCC green kit at the indicate location after we notify their delivery

Items which can be ordered:Either one complete CCC Green Kit – consists of Cloth Bag + SS mug + SS bottle – 320Rs
Or  Individual items: (one or more of each)
Cloth Bag – 30Rs
SS Mug – 90Rs
SS Bottle – 200Rs

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