Chennai Coastal Cleanup VII – 12 days left to C day

With just 12 days left for the ‘C’ Day more then 4000 volunteers have already signed up for Chennai’s biggest cleanup. 70+ socially aware Organizations / Groups have joined hands with us to spread awareness to wider audience.
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Organizations that have joined hands with us, so far.

Regional updates
NGO’s and various environmental organizations across 16 different cities have signed up with us so far to participate in this edition of India Clean Sweep. India Clean Sweep is a nation wide cleanup event organized by CTC alongside the annual Chennai Coastal Cleanup.
Interested in leading a cleanup in your city / town ??? 
Refer these below links for more details on India Clean Sweep III and how to join in any of the cities listed above.
Link 1 – Himalayas ,Hyderabad , Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Trichy, Tuticorin
Link 2 – Cumbum , Yelagiri, Madurai, Tanjore, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum and Bangalore

Awareness events / initiatives
Cleanup Treks. Awareness events for local community residents. Arts event / Story telling for kids. Cycle Rides with various cycling groups in Chennai. Community Cleanup. Waste 2 Wealth Workshops. Our volunteers are thinking of new and effective ways to engage the local communities, kids and people across Chennai to spread the word about CCC and to help them understand the necessity to reduce our carbon food print by effectively following segregation and home composting practices.
Below is a list of all the awareness events that our team have conducted so far.
30-Apr CCC7 – Awareness – Nochikuppam Source Segregation Initiative
01-May CCC 7 – Fun filled Kids Awareness event on Plastics, Garbage Overload, Waste Segregation
07-May CCC7 – Cleanup & Kids Awareness Session
08-May CCC 7 – Awareness Session at Injambakkam Zone
15-May CCC-7: Fun filled story telling & painting session for kids @ Odyssey,Adyar
21-May Chennai Coastal Cleanup Awareness Ride with “WCCG Team”
21-May CCC7 – Waste 2 Wealth Workshop – 1
21-May CCC7 – Drawing Session for Kids at Injambakkam Fishermen Village
21-May CCC 7 – Fun filled Awareness event on Plastics, Garbage Overload, Waste Segregation
22-May Chennai Coastal Cleanup Awareness Ride with “BoB”
22-May CCC7-Source Segregation Awareness Session / Light House Zone
22-May CCC7-Community cleanup in Kotturpuram Police Quarters
22-May CCC7 – Session About Turtles for Kids
28-May CCC7 – Kids Awareness, Drawing and Story Telling Session
28-May CCC7 – Cleanup Drive at Kottupuram Police Quarters
29-May CCC7 – Awareness Ride with Mongrels
29-May CCC7 – Kids Awareness and Drawing Session
03-Jun CCC7 – Source Segregation and Home Composting Awareness at Panayur Kuppam
04-Jun CCC7 Source segregation awareness at Olcott kuppam


05-Jun CCC7 Awareness Clean Up Trek – I
05-Jun CCC7 Source segregation session – Mandaveli, Raja Street
05-Jun CCC7 – Source Segregation and Home Composting Awareness at Panayur Kuppam


A nice video compilation of our awareness event is available @ .
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Zone wise : Volunteer registered vs Garbage level
Based on the surveys done by our lead volunteers across all the 16 zones in Chennai we have put together a high level estimate on the number of volunteers 
needed against the garbage level. Below chart shows a high level pictorial representation of the same.
Blue : Current vounteer registered and allocated. Brown : Shortage of volunteer
Running for CCC
Being a event organized by a group which promotes active and healthier lifestyle, we are now spreading word about the event and the need to maintain our environment to members of various Running groups in Chennai. Every other day our CTC volunteers are participating in the regular runs that happen among various running groups in Chennai.
Awareness Cycling Ride
Along with Probikers, OMR we are organizing an CCC awareness ride on June 18, a day prior to the cleanup. The objective of this awareness ride is to sensitize the public on our growing garbage footprint and the impact on our environment and health, to educate people on the ill effects of plastics. Register here if you wanna ride along with us for a 40km fun cycle ride through the city.
Route : Probikers – M.Kailash – Marina – RBI – Marina – Foreshore Est. – Pattinambakkam – Bessie – Probikers
Duration : Approx 2-3 hours
Expense : Free
Note : Participants are to bring their own cycle or can rent one with Probikers / Balaji Cycles.
Wall Painting
Nothing speaks loud and clear like a picture does. A painting on the other hand could speak even more louder and beautiful. Our CTC wall paint artisans have started cleaning and painting the walls of Chennai with their beautiful artwork which also spreads the message about Plastics overusage and Garbage Overload. Above image is a capture of one such painting done by our CTCian Karmuhilan Chellakkannu and Saravanan. You can witness this wonderful artwork if you pass by Anna University.

350 CTCians have taken up the No Plastic Challenge so far. Are YOU ready to Say No to Plastics for 5 days ???

#NoPlasticChallenge which was a huge success during CCC6 has been rebooted this year as #NoPlasticChallenge v2.0. Get inspired by some of our members on creative ways to avoid the use of single use plastics in our daily lives and thereby reducing our garbage footprint and the impact they have on our health & the environment! Change has to start from each one us to become greener citizens if we wish to create a more sustainable future together!
Few of our volunteers are also identifying grocery stores around Chennai who can give us monthly groceries packed using non-plastic items as much as possible. More details of those can be found @

As the C-Day is closing in, we have started making waves through our various awareness events which cant go unheard in the media world. Various media publications have started publishing articles about CCC and the various other events and initiatives that we are doing. Tune in to Big FM as they are broadcasting various interviews of our lead volunteers and also a promo of CCC7.
Links to various media publishments :
Click 4 Change an online photography contest launched for CCC7 to showcase the damages that we humans have created to our environment with our overusage of plastics and other single usable items. Entries have started flowing in on our mail box Selected entries are being uploaded regularly in this FB album. Even though its disheartening to see the sad state of what we have done to our beautiful city, these pictures help us understand the level of impact that we humans are causing to our environment.
Mail in our entries soon to
More details and rules about this contest can be found @ .
Regular Cleanups
Jointly with Theosophical Society we are conducting regular cleanups inside this society to clean-up the garbage accumulated along the Adyar River banks and to restore the beautiful green cover oxygen centre of Namma Chennai. Till date we have done 10 phases of cleanup here. Register here to join us in on 11th phase of this cleanup, coming friday June 10th, as we continue to cleanup this centuries old green cover heritage symbol of Madras. 
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