Chennai Coastal Cleanup – No Plastic Challenge – Update!

350 CTCians have taken up the No Plastic Challenge so far. Are YOU ready to Say No to Plastics for 5 days ???
Get inspired by some of our members below on creative ways to avoid the use of single use plastics in our daily lives and thereby reducing our garbage footprint and impact on our health & the environment! Change has to start from each one us to become greener citizens if we wish to create a more sustainable future together!
The happiness of today’s act is going to help me in forgiving myself for the delayed post 😉
This time, the idea struck me long back but it took me some time to gather the courage to go talk to people. Seriously!
Finally thanks to my Colleague & Friend Rajesh, today we approached the tea/juice shop next to my office building where the majority of my colleagues go for refreshments, to put up the no plastic posters. Surprisingly, the Checha who runs the shop (the one in the middle pic) was receptive to our idea and willingly agreed to display them in his shop. And so now if you stop by the hi-look tea stall next to Ramco Systems building in madhya Kailash, you will see the ‘No Plastic Straws’ poster & ‘Ask for glass tumbler’ poster. Forget not to drop a word of appreciation for Checha! 🙂
It was actually a good experience and now my first attempt fear is gone and am all set to attack other juice shops and tea stalls tomorrow 😉
Care to do the same? If you can spend time in convincing shop owners, am attaching the posters here. All that you have to do is, take a color print out and go talk.
And I believe our little strides will bring in the greater change!
Thanks Manoj for the posters and Mani for the modifications!

‪#‎NoPlasticChallenge‬ completed….
In my own house we have a huge compost pit and organic waste has not exited my home since 2000. Grateful to my father Gunasingh Dorairaj for showing me the way. But since we have moved into a rental home temporarily and lack space opted for compost pot to continue same. Thank you Ashwin Sekar for providing me these beautiful earthen pots immediately. They require very little space and adds to the esthetics anywhere….
Ashwin can be contacted @ 9962434196
Day 5 (Delayed one!)
Delayed one, excuse being busy for the last few days and was hoping to come up with a unique one – And , then I realised all efforts are unique and meaningful as long as its done with the right intent (apdinu solli , naane enna thaethitten:-)). Here it goes… Though I always carry a cloth bag or 2, there are times I end up needing a proper box or a cover to carry – For instance, while buying jack fruit or Naaval palam! So, I usually carry a reusable cover (I have had one – same one for a long time now!) which I use as a last bit resort. It is not always I carry a proper box / dabba to buy such stuff, though that again is an option. So, this reusable cover comes in handy.
Other means which I have tried in the recent times or intend to try… Posting here as it might benefit others.
– In the recent times, been buying Marachekku Oil from Masanamuthu Arunachalam. And it helped in avoiding plastics as we gave back the bottles for re-use, during the next time purchase.
– Recently, bought few utensils for home and headed straight to Thalapakattu for dinner! Packed the left over in the newly bought stainless steel tiffin box 🙂.
– In another instance, didn’t have a re-usable cover with me to carry Nongu / Palm fruit (individual pieces) – So, to avoid the one use plastic cover, bought few of the whole nongu. Its not a big deal to take out the nongu pieces by ourselves if we have a reasonanly good knife.
– Kadalai maavu (Gram flour/chickpeas flour) for hair wash is a good alternative. I think, for bathing too.
– Planning to try Neem stick for brushing – Babool stick is another good alternative, though availability may be less!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Reduce being the preferred option. Though recycling is good, in fact very good, it requires good amount of energy to recycle and transform it into another form. And there is lot more to be done on setting up more recycling units, bringing in innovation in that space, etc to my knowledge. So, I intend to ‘Reduce’ as much as possible – Are you game for it makkale?

Abirami Gunasingh thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this.
Day 1- Collecting household organic waste in my new kambha (organic/compost pit) for composting.
It is a great way of connecting with the earth and keeping the city and our own homes clean. My dad had already been doing this for a few years in a huge plastic basket but then we bought one of these at the Goli Soda shop in Besant Avenue. Feeling awesome to be able to take part in making my city clean, one step at a time.

கேழ்வரகு, கம்பு , கோதுமையால் செய்யப்பட்ட சுவையான் நெய் புட்டு is served on styrofoam with a plastic spoon. Most people eat there and in 5 mins of process a plate and spoon per person is added to the junk from this small mobile shop.
It gets more with two more polythene mags when its a parcel.
considering the rate and profit shopkeeper follow this.
I always used to get in my steel box.And the taste dont get changed though the Puttu is served hot like when packed in plastic.
Always avoid parcel and eat in shop itself, it reduces our carbon foot print and the mess around us.
Styrofoam is number one killer among plastics[95% air + 5% plastic].. Its non recyclable with its light weight it travel everywhere irrespective of where its dropped.Please avoid using styrofoam plates in your functions.
Hope we will be able to develop cost effective sustainable utensils for our own better tomorrow!
Styrofoam cant be Reused or Recycled, so choice is ours !
Day 01
These are the bags used by our family members for our daily activities
*college bag *handbag *veggie bag *music bag
*carry bag
Always use CLOTH BAGS!!
Day 3 – Plastic bottles and containers to the same made of copper.
This has been going on in our family for a few years. Most of the drinking water in my house is stored in these copper vessels. Drinking water out of copper vessels has many health benefits. To name some, it kills most of the germs in the water and it also helps regulate blood pressure.
All of this minus the harmful properties of plastic bottles. Plus, one can’t throw away a copper vessel like plastic bottles. It also replenishes your health while minimising damage to the environment.
Actions speaks louder than talks.
My regular shop to buy grocery items in tambaram market with paper packing and less of plastics. He laughs and say few people comes to us regularly after last year discussion on paper packing.
Now, CTC week day camping chef Abdul Wahab wanted to give a try by buying items in this shop and Ainthinai Ctc camping events also will try buy here to avoid plastics in d packing.
It is a trail and error method. This will not avoid plastics completely but will reduce it.
People around Tambaram can give a try too. He is cooperating our initatives. Also we can buy vegtables without plastic in d same market.


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‪#‎NoPlasticChallenge‬– Delayed (Day2and Day3)
Day 2 – Sunday –
Went to super market with jute bag and avoided covers for each vegetables .bought close to 8 veg and 3 fruits –
If people like us stop getting covers for each vegetables in super market it will be real change and again this is basic but sure will make some changes
Day 3 – started using stainless steel plates in office rather using plastic plates .also trying to taking it from home . And have ordered stainless steel lunch boxes ..

Sujatha Vijay feeling determined.
9 hrs · Chennai · 

Day 1
This blingy thingy is my shopping bag…no carrying stuffs around in plastic bags. I carry a different bag for vegetable shopping as well; it wouldn’t be as blingy as this though 😝
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Day 4 – Stainless steel tumblers in shops.
The Ravi Soda Factory – near Mount Station – has been using stainless steel and glass tumblers to serve customers who come to their shops. We had a talk with Mr.Ravi, the owner of the shop, and found out that it has been this way for about 30 years. This is also followed in all his branches. Good to know that the shop has been functioning this way for such a long time. Hundreds of people visit his shop daily and they still do this without tiring. Hats off to shop owners like Mr. Ravi who have incorporated this method in their workplace.
கடந்த ஒரு வருடத்திற்கு மேலாக அலுவலகத்தில் காகிதக்கோப்பைகளைத் தவிர்த்து இதை உபயோகித்து வருகிறேன். விளையாட்டு போல இருந்தாலும் ஒரு முன்னூறு காகிதக்கோப்பைகளை மண்ணில் சேராமல் இது காத்திருக்கிறது.
Thins plastics are one of the killer that most of us failed to recycle/reuse. Super markets are no choice/less choice to replace these plastics practically but something has to be done.
Ainthinai- ஐந்திணை team approached and convinced Seetha lakshmi super market, Tamabaram santorium to collect back the thin plastics from their customers and the same will be dispatched to recycling for laying plastic tar roads.
This super market is agreed to put a awareness poster and collection box for the thin plastics to their customer. They open the way to the eco friendly customers who visits their shop. Thanks to them for the great initiative. Once it is set in their shop, we will post more updates.
Let us reject the plastic, If not reduce/reuse/recycle it.


Its year 2 of NPC and I was thinking of different ways in which I can bring down my plastic (read garbage) footprint. Mom has come up with this natural and brilliant alternate way to bathing.
Home made bathing powder !
Orange peels, Rose petals, Kashthoori manjal (turmeric), Vettiver, Nannari ver, Kadala parupu, Paasi parupu (moong dhal), Neem leaves, Tulsi, Aavaram poo, Boovandhi kottai and loads and loads of Amma’s care 😀
How am I reducing my plastic (garbage) footprint by using this?
I will from on be not throwing away soap covers or shampoo sachets / bottles as i wouldn’t buy them anymore. I will also slowly shift to stopping usage of face washes further more reducing my waste.
Interested in trying the powder?
take some samples from me and you can check it out.
Photoguide: one on left is the bathing powder and the one on right is the seeyakkai powder that mom prepared.

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