Chennai Coastal Cleanup, June 19th – Photo Albums, Zone-wise

Find below unique moments captured on Sunday showing the spirit of our green army while clean sweeping our troubled Chennai coastline. Most of the garbage found on the beaches is YOURS and MINE dumped near lakes and water bodies which eventually – through storm drains and rivers – flows to the ocean and anything that floats (plastic, thermocoil, cheppels, closed glass bottles) ends up back on our beaches. This is just the tip of the iceberg – what lies beyond the seas is beyond our imagination… Definitely a WAKE UP CALL for all of us to start REDUCING our garbage footprint by starting to SEGREGATE wet (kitchen waste, food) to be composted and dry (plastic, glass, paper, metal) to be recycled through your neighborhood kadibawala. Everything you need to know to get started is available
A small step for each of us, a huge impact together – every day Chennai generates 6000 tonnes of mixed toxic garbage which gets dumped on our beautiful Palikarnai marsh land, a (supposedly) protected wet-land and sensitive ecosystem. Let us all make a pledge to SAY NO to single-use plastics (polythene covers, glass bottles, paper/plastic cups, straws) which are used for a mere few seconds/minutes as matter of convenience and then get dumped and lie around for hundreds of years causing severe damage to our beautiful green planet (and our own health). CHANGE has to start from within US!
Photo links have been categorized zone-wise for easy reference. More photos are being shared on our CCC FB Page as they become available.
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5. Broken Bridge
6. Besant Nagar
7. Kaleshetra
8. Thiruvanmiyur
9. Kottivakkam
10. Neelankarai
11. Injambakkam & 12 – Akkarai

13. Panayur & 14 – Uthandi
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