Chennai Coastal Cleanup 7, May-June 2016

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We are excited to launch the 7th year edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup, CTC’s major annual campaign to create awareness on our growing garbage (plastic) footprint and the negative impact on our environment and own health. Theme for this year is “Garbage Overload“.

Just like last year we are planning 2 full months of various initiatives to sensitize the public on a greener tomorrow. The final main event at the end of this 2 month period will be a major beach cleanup which last year involved 10 major cities, 5000+ volunteers, 150 Corporates/NGOs/Educational institutions. More then 50 news publications have covered previous editions of mission CCC. 
Last year we restored beaches, lakes and rivers out across South India including Pondicherry, Hyderabad, Madurai, Dharmapuri, Coimbatore, Vizag, Thanjavur, Thirunvelli and Kaniyakumari through collaboration with various nature loving NGO-s. This year more cities are joining the green wave! 

Find below a summary of the various awareness initiatives coming up. Individuals Register Here and Organizations Register Here which are interested to participate in one or more of below:
We welcome Partners who wish to be associated with the Chennai Coastal Cleanup:
  • Sponsors to support this non-profit initiative
  • Media partners to help us in reaching to a wider audience
  • NGOs to organize regional cleanups in other cities
  • Organizations to assist waste management, segregation, recycling, composting
Partner logos would be included in all CCC related media communications, posters and banners.
1. No Plastic Challenge v2.0 (#R3Challenge) (Individuals, Organizations)
The No plastic challenge is a great / fun way to engage people and their friends in creating awareness / become more self-aware on single use plastics. This year we plan to involve much more people to create a mega awareness wave by targeting the source of garbage completely and create awareness with #R3Challenge. (R3 will stand for – R-Reduce, R-Recycle & R – Reuse).  Wish to take up the challenge and be part of the great movement?
2. Waste Management in (Individuals, Apartments, Companies, Schools)
CTC’s CESAW team will be running awareness campaigns in apartment complexes and corporates about the importance of waste management with the aim to convince communities to adapt waste management practices. Want to be a waste management evangelist in your community? Join us!
3.’Waste to Wealth’ workshops (Individuals)
CTC will be running weekly workshops for kids, adults and petty shop owners about how to convert our regular waste materials into items that can be put to use as alternates to plastics/ ornamental goods. Want to have some fun by getting creative? Feel free to drop in to any of our workshops.
4. Running for CCC (Individuals)
Our ‘CCC Running Ambassadors’ Murali & Vipul will be running with different running clubs in the city to promote CCC and the cause. Are you a runner? Do you believe in our cause? Then what’s stopping you? Come join us. The more, the merrier!
5. Cycling for CCC (Individuals)
‘CCC Cycling Ambassadors’ Satish & Ramesh Palani with a CTC cycling team will be cycling alongside the regular cyclists in the city and promote CCC. Got a cycle and some time? Come lets have some fun.
6. Clean up Treks (Individuals)
A series of clean up treks will be conducted in our own Nagalapuram to clean up the favorite trails by our frequent trekkers Muthu & Vishal. Want to be on a trek? Want to be socially responsible? What better chance would you get?
7. Standees in public places (Individuals, Organizations)
Standees about CCC and related events will be displayed in public places like Sathyam & Odyssey. Know any contacts of such complexes, IT Parks, etc? Do you want the message to be showcased in your building too? Come on board.
8. With the Schools (Individuals, Schools)
A team led by Abi & Nambi, will be conducting awareness events & competitions in various schools primarily focusing on educating the kids about the ill-effects of plastic usage and ways to eliminate our garbage footprint. Are you waiting for that perfect chance to show your love of children and nurture them? This is the bus for you.
9. Partnering with the Police Department (Individuals)
With a proposal to cleanup and implement waste management solutions in police stations & police quarters, we aim at engaging the PD in our cleanup campaign. Don’t they say that Police is our friend? Come join us to know how friendly they can get.
10. Promotions in Public Parks (Individuals)
Awareness events and banners too be put up in the popular public parks. Got an idea? Have the energy? Why wait then?
11. Wall painting with Paintbox (Individuals)
CTC will take the help of the amazing paintbox team to fill up the barren and boring walls of the city with meaningful messages and colorful paintings. (ofcourse with prior permissions). Is that little creative freak inside you sneaking out? Give him/her a+ chance to be the change.

12. Photography/Video Competition (Individuals)
We plan to organize periodic competitions among interested individuals to capture the current problem of garbage overload and environmental/health impact in the most impact-full visual ways through still photography and motion videos. Best entries will be shared on social media, public exhibit, CTC group and more.
13. Quizzes (Individuals, Organizations)
CTC will organize quizzes among and educate individuals, employees (Corporates), students (Schools) and members (Groups) on the impact of plastics on the environment and various ways to reduce our garbage footprint through recycling, composting and a more sustainable future.

14. Chennai Coastal Cleanup – Mega beach / lake cleanup – June 19th (Individuals, Organizations)
On June 19th tremors will be felt in Chennai, Pondicherry and various other cities across South India as thousands of volunteers and hundreds of organizations step out on a mission to restore our beaches, lakes and rivers, not just collecting but also getting hands on experience on segregation towards recycling. Don’t miss South India’s biggest cleanup drive!
An initiative by the Chennai Trekking Club
The Chennai Trekking Club is a non-profit volunteer based organization which organizes regular outdoor, sports and environmental events to create awareness on a more active, healthier and greener future. With more than 30 thousand members and hundreds of events we reach out to tens of thousands of people each year. Major annual events include Chennai Coastal CleanupCTC Green DayChennai Trail MarathonChennai Triathlon and Jawadhu Hill Ultra.
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