Chennai Coastal Cleanup 7 – Community Engagements in Beach Zones

Chennai Coastal Cleanup 7 – Community Engagements in Beach Zones
Various awareness initiatives have been initiated in various areas of Chennai Trekking Club’s Seventh Edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup. Out of those initiatives, Community Engagement in Beach Zone is one of the important. The main motto of this initiative is to involve the local residents/Fishermen village people to participate in cleanup activities and creating awareness on Source Segregation and Waste Management. 

Team of volunteers have been allocated exclusively to engage the local communities.  Volunteers visited and approached the village people, identified their problems, brainstormed and come up with various initiatives. 
Below are the list of local community engagement activities conducted by each zones volunteers. 
Lighthouse Zone (Nochi Kuppam)
Team Name : Lighthouse Lighters
Team Lead : Ashok
Team Members : Shyam, Jatin, Dhanamadhavan, Surendhar, Dhevi, Prabha, Naveen, Prashanth, Madhan
Date : 25-Apr-216 
Zone survey with Jatin and Dhanamadhavan – The first meeting of the initial team.
Date : 30-Apr-2016
Briefing about the source segregation plan to the team at Light house and visiting Nochikuppam and Earth recycler compost site and segregation at MRC Nagar. Initial meeting with Nochikuppam residents along with big participation from CESAW and CTC team. Kids poster awareness event was conducted by Chella Babu and Kids recreate contest announcement. The team covered two blocks floor wise and going door to door to talk about benefits of source segregation. Power cut and resumption played spoilsport and residents couldn’t be gathered outside. The leadership there were themselves very skeptic and didn’t cooperate.

Date : 22-May-2016
Source segregation Presentation for EFI and other NGO volunteers from local area and Raja street Residents association to involve more people and start source segregation in Raja street.
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Date : 23-May-2016
Had meetings with Raja Street residents association team on May 21 and May 28 to detail them about source segregation and clarify their doubts. They opted in and will launch on June 5. Meet up of Lighters team with A block residents floor wise to kickstart the Pilot effort along with Priya from 2bin1bag Bangalore. It was a good success with almost half of the ladies from each floor coming out and listening and accepting to our proposal. Volunteers were identified in each floor to help with organising people and monitoring segregation.

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Date : 25-May-2016
Met Conservancy Inspector of Division 125 under which Nochikuppam falls. Photos – 25 May at 13:37 . Neelangarai Ninjas too joined and supported us. CI was a man going beyond his duty and doing composting in a burial ground from all wet waste he can collect. He is willing to support us in all possible ways.


Date : 1-Jun-2016
Went to meet Zone 13 AC with Raja street association incharges but couldn’t. To try again tomorrow 3 PM.
Pasted posters in each floor and in visible areas in ground floor in Nochikuppam and also met all women volunteers we identified earlier

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Foreshore Zone (Pattinapakkam)
Team Name : Foreshore Fire
Team Lead : Muthukumaran
Team Members : VishalGanesh GagsGanesh Kumar, Dhivya, HarikumarJayanthanGautham
Date : 23-May-2016
An awareness session exclusive for Kids from Foreshore Estate Fishermen Villages. SSTCN Volunteers shared the stories about Sea Turtles and other marine life impacts of pollution.
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Broken Bridge Zone (Olcott Kuppam)
Team Name : Broken Bridge Brigades
Team Lead : Ruthira
Team Members : AravindShyamRamkumarPrashanthiKotte
Date : 4-Jun-2016
Source Segregation awareness session at Olcott Kuppam Villlage, near Broken Bridge
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Neelankarai Zone (Chinna Neelankarai Kuppam)
Team Name : Neelankarai Ninjas
Team Lead : Ahamed
Date : 29-May-2016

Awarness & Drawing Session for kids from Chinna Neelankarai Kuppam.

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Injambakkam Akkarai Zone
Team Name : Injambakkam Akkarai Rubble
Team Leads : Ravikumar Swaminathan

Date : 8-May-2016

An awareness session to educate Kids, Village people on Source Segregation and Waste Management.

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Date : 21-May-2016

An awareness and drawing session for Kids from Fishermen Village.

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Panayur Zone (Panayur Kuppam)
Team Name : Panayur Panthers
Team Lead : Charles
Date : 3-Jun-2016

An awareness campaign “Source Segregation & Home Composting Session for Womens from Panayur Kuppam.
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Date : 5-Jun-2016

An awareness campaign “Source Segregation & Home Composting Session for Womens from Panayur Kuppam.

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Chennai Coastal Cleanup 7
Chennai’s Mega Cleanup is planned on coming June 19. Those who are interested to participate in this biggest event, please register in the below links.
Individuals register here
Groups / Organizations can register here 

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