Post trip Write up – CTC Photography trip to Greenery Cumbum & Theni (Dec 25-27, 2015)

Writeup by Prasanna
On the long weekend of December 25th, 2015 big gang of us headed to Greenery Cumbum. When I saw the invite I sprang up in my seat and registered immediately. Yes J That’s how excited I get every time when I see an invite from Mr. Dinesh Ji. This was my fourth trek with Dinesh and moreover very special to me as well because of the location Dinesh chose MEGAMALAI . I thought this might be the much needed stress buster I was looking for. So the plan was on and I put my phone in aeroplane mode, enjoyed this Photography trek to the core.
We all assembled at our favorite meeting place Super Saravana stores ,Chrompet. Every time when we assemble in the spot we usually fill our bellies with Sanchwiches,pani pooris etc. Myself, Prakash, Praveen ,Ruthra (Ruth) ,Sridharan(scientist),Raja ram and karthik  ordered sandwiches and this time I ordered Bhujiya sanchwich .In the mean while I was able to treat Vishnu priya with jack fruit .After lot of chit chats and funny jokes we boarded Sabari Anna’s van. Once we settled down in our seats again chit chat started. I got a chance to meet lot of new faces and we introduced ourselves, Also Vishnu priya’s introduction to everyone was funny and still scientist knows about it. I was chatting with Deepen and Sharing about my last trek experience. In the mean while karthik was showing my Dance Performance and Intro performance videos to all buddies. After seeing my snake dance they got special interest and encouraged myself and Prakash to Dance in van and finally as usual we did a performance for Dananaka Song (Romeo Juliet) T R step. But this time while I was attempting one step my head got hit in lampL (Worst Experience).
We then halted at Hotel for Dinner and again Vegans Non- vegans took different routes. I preferred veg and ordered Onion Dosa unfortunately my order was not heard by Server and He brings all other dosas except onion dosa. Without any hesitation I ate others food.  Meanwhile Prakash was roaming in between veg and non-veg hotels and filled his bellies. .Once we had our dinner we again started our journey towards greenery Theni. I slept immediately when we all boarded to van, Rest of friends enjoyed whole night.
On beautiful Christmas day morning we all woke up and van halted in a Tea shop .We freshened up quickly and had Tea. Again boarded to van and started our chit chat until we reach the hotel in kambam then we all had our breakfast. In between we met bikers Muthamil, Mahendran, Satheesh and Prasanna. They changed their plans and joined us to Theni & Megamalai.
We started our journey towards Theni and I was so eager and excited to visit Mani ji’s farm house. While travelling towards Cumbum we saw beautiful Greenery farm areas in both sides of road and we spotted many Egret bird. Finally we reached our destination you can call as base camp it is none other than Mani ji’s farm house. All welcomed us and the moment when we get down we saw grape yard. it was so beautiful and I saw these kind of yards only in films and now when I saw in real I was stunned and immediately took my mobile and took few selfies and as usual when I took selfies few other friends joined me for posing.
Beautiful Grape yard View
            We safeguarded our luggages in room and again it’s time for all Professional Photographers to load their cameras. Yes, all DSLR cameras turned on and Continuous clicks was happening at one end and In the other end models were posing for cameras J  . We drank Tender coconuts and headed towards Suruli falls, few of our friends travelled to falls via bike. While we were travelling towards falls ,Mani ji and myself loaded the foods in van for LUNCH.
Dinesh Ji Getting Ready To Shoot…..

Monkeys welcomed us once we reach our destination and then we had nice bath in suruli falls, still I remember the force and power of it.  While returning to Van we took few selfies. After taking bath our tummies got Hunger and we all had our power packed lunch in nearby farm  . That was a great lunch and good experience Big thanks to Mani and his friends.
            We went to nearby river where we saw lot of bats flying here and there in that place and few of our friends jumped in the river and enjoyed. The jump made by Bhavna was awesome.
 Slowly Sun settles down for the day and we all lost our energy  so we had our snacks and tea in Theni and came back to Farm house. I was busy in making arrangements for Camp fire . It’s time to show everyone’s performance and this time we danced continuously and the special one was SNAKE DANCE. Finally day comes to an end and Dinesh instructed us about further two day plans. We searched for our sleeping bags and settled down .
On next day we all woke up without an alarm because Pets came and wake us. We quickly freshened up and had Tender coconuts. We boarded into van and started our journey and halted in a hotel for breakfast. After had our breakfast we got a chance to go by Bullock cart. There were two bullock carts arranged by Mani and his friends. We got excited and travelled in Bullock cart batch by batch. After all laughs and vibratory rides we boarded on to jeep and headed towards Mega Malai .
Shooting Spot In Theni

Bullock cart Ride J
The ride towards megamalai was so adventurous. We covered our faces with mask as the dust welcomed and showed us the way to beautiful Megamalai . Also My first trek was Megamalai only and the moment when I reached megamalai all cherished memories comes into my mind, It was an awesome place to visit in a life time. I am so lucky I visited two times. We got a chance to stay in a school when I entered into a school I become a child and roamed here and there also I started playing cards, kidding others and much more . Then we had our dinner.
We had our introduction session where every one shared their hobbies and hidden talents . Again every time this intro session will bring spark to my mind  ,everyone will have their hidden talents which boost us to do something , So I took this as an initiative and trying to explore the possibilities in me . Big thanks to Dinesh for having this intro session in trek because every time this intro session tell me where I am standing in life and give me boost.
Group Pic – On The Way To Megamalai

Once again we started playing cards (DONKEY ,RUMMY) with huge gang especially I need to thank Bikers who joined us . All bikers were so jovial especially Satheesh , I learned lot of good things from them and their bike journey to different places attracted me . We slept in school that night .
            On very next day  morning we experienced cool climate with slight breeze . It was cool morning we quickly brushed up and got ready to maharaja’s Mettu again when I heard this name first trek moments came to my mind. In the mean while we got information that Elephants are passing so immediately we all got excited and boarded in JEEP . we followed the path and waited for a very long time to see elephant J
            In the gap we got some time to click few selfies with background of Tea leaves . The moment has came and we all saw the elephant i.e. one female elephant and one baby elephant both are heading towards tea leaves and the scene was awesome . Female elephant was pushing the baby elephant using  its big nose it was beautiful moment  and we are so lucky so see the love between Mother and child .we were running all around to see the elephant so got tired and started to Tea Kadai and had nice breakfast with big banana leaf.
Say Cheese … Breakfast In Big Banana Leaf

            The lake view was awesome and eye catching . After our break fast few Bikers started their journey back to Chennai so we took a group snap and one of the hardest good bye to them L .
 Finally we started to maharaja’s mettu  as our time was not sufficient we couldn’t able to make it up for Maharaja mettu so we spent our time in beautiful bridge , where as we did lot of stunts in satheesh’s Duke Bike and one of my favorite was Stand up Christ still made by scientist .  we clicked lot of selfies and started back to Tea kadai to have our lunch .
            After having our lunch we started to theni in jeep with masks covering our face and once we reach theni and had tea. Sun settles down and final day came to an end L we need to start back to Chennai So everyone shared their good bye and best moments with Mani ji and his friends . Then we boarded into van and started again, as final  touch we had nice dinner in Venu biryani,dindugal. That was the end of one amazing, fun-filled and adventurous weekend. It was as always a great experience to trek with Dinesh. Special Thanks to Mani ji and his friends.
Dragon Monkey Style

–Write up by Rutrhradevi
Greenery Cumbum valley and Meghamalai

It’s been more than a week but still I can’t stop thinking about the wonderful memories we made in our PHOTOGRAPHY trek. Yeah it’s a photography trek. I know nothing in photography except giving poses But on seeing the places( Theni,Cumbum and meghamalai) mentioned in trek, I couldn’t stop registering for it.

The bus was all set to Theni by 9 in the night. Within few minutes we all got introduced to ourselves. The entire team was a fun filled one. We started the journey with our tummies filled with sandwiches. So as like in other trips, we started to enquire about our jobs and living.


It was an eight hours travel to Theni. Finally we reached the farm house of Mani ji. It was an awesome place surrounded by Grapes yard. The moment we reached, the sleeping P.C.Sriram inside every photographer started to show up Everyone who owns a DSLR started to prepare the suitable lens. We were all so excited on seeing the grapes yard and everyone started to explore and give poses for the photographers Thanks to Mani ji for the tasty tender coconuts served in the mid as an energy booster.

The next place we headed up was suruli falls. We were supposed to see our own friends ( Monkeys ) on the way. We had a refreshing bath in the falls. The place was fully filled with herbal smell. We saw different kinds of monkeys all over the places. We then had our great lunch in a yard. We stopped our van for few lake views and photographs. We started to another dam from there. It was greenery all through our way. Few people skilled in swimming started to enjoy their swimming in the wide lake. Remaining started to have their chit chats 😉 We finally headed up to our room. We setup camp fire in the night. Some of us showed our dancing skills but finally it ended up as a snake dance


The second day started with the refreshing tender coconut drink. We all got ready for few scenic views. I must admit that we all wanted to spend the rest of our lives there. Both sides of the road were covered by farms. There were small pools, water streams wherever we turn around. It was such a fantastic views. I must tell about the bullock ride we had. We all totally enjoyed it. For the people like us, it was an adventurous exciting ride. After our awesomatic ride, we started our journey to Meghamalai.

We started our travel in a jeep and a sumo and few of us joined in bikes. To get rid of our 5hours boring travel, we started to sing and play. We stopped in few places to have our snacks and to relax. Though there were no proper roads, we enjoyed our travel with the ups and downs. We finally reached our place, the breezy cloudy cold Meghamalai. The day ended with the camp fire and our dancing around the camp fire(we had that neruppu kutthadikkuthu song feeling). After finishing our dinner, we had our formal introduction session where we shared our thoughts about CTC.


This is the finally day of our trek. At the morning, we went looking for elephants roaming around the tea estates. After our long search through the mountains and tea estates, we finally spotted two elephants. A mom and baby. The mom was pushing him to walk. It was a great feeling to see it through our eyes. People clicked few snaps of it. Everyone were amazed for a while. We then had our breakfast and started our conversations with our lame jokes.

We saw few sceneries and then reached a bridge with a lake on both sides of it. Here everyone were posing for their facebook cover pics and profile pics Thanks to the bikers for allowing us to pose with their bikes. A special thanks to Sathish ji for lending his bike to everyone without any hesitation. Post lunch,we started our way back to Theni. There was a missing feeling in everyone’s face L for getting down from the most awesome place(Meghamalai). After reaching Theni, We said a sad good bye to the place and the Theni guys who helped us a lot. We had a great dinner in Venu Briyani. The bus headed up to Chennai. There was a sad note in everyone’s face ☹☹☹

A big thanks to Dinesh ji for organizing this wonderful trip and for tolerating us Special thanks to Mani ji for taking care of us like his own family. Thank you bikers for joining with us all through the way. And yeah a great thanks to everyone who made this trip a memorable one
–Write up by Pratheebha

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