‘Mission Summer 2016’ is here.. Donate blood and prevent the blood banks going dry this season

Give a gift of life to someone this summer. Take a pledge and donate blood.

As we approach the peak summer, a season of vacations and long travel, General Hospitals (GH) face a severe shortage of blood when college students go on vacations. We are here with Mission Summer 2016’, a summer special blood drive to help GHs cope up with the daily need of 250 units/day. If you’re a NGO/Corporate/other groups (Runners, bikers, etc.) interested in donating blood, do your part this summer by coordinating with us for a blood camp in months April, May, June for satisfying the high demand for blood donors –
Please refer to attached brochure for more details about us.

For any queries, you may drop a mail to crkcoreteam@googlegroups.com


Thanks & Regards,

Chennai Red Knights
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