Chennai Coastal Cleanup 7 – The green army is growing bigger by day !!!

The Clean & Green Wave is catching up. A whooping 3321 volunteers (Individuals + Volunteers across 34 various organizations) have signed up so far to participate in the 7th edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup and various other associated awareness activities. Various Corporates / Social Groups / NGO’s and socially responsible individuals are joining hands together to reclaim and maintain the beauty of our Singara Chennai’s beaches/lakes. 
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Organizations registered so far

Vikatan – official magazine partner of CCC7
As a major boost for this edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup, Vikatan – one of the leading tamil magazines has partnered with CCC7 team, to spread awareness to a wider range of audience. As a token of gratitude, Vikatan is offering FREE unlimited digital access to their best magazines Ananda vikatan, Nanayam Vikatan and Pasumai Vikatan for 3 Months. Click here to get 3 months of FREE subscription 
Sponsors / Partners needed !!!

We are looking out for sponsors in various categories, including title sponsor, for this edition of CCC. If you or your organization is interested to become the title sponsor for CCC7 or to sponsor in one more categories please specify the details accordingly in the registration form available here. More details on sponsorship can be found here.
CCC7 Brochure can be found here.
Regional updates
As many as 16 groups across 16 different cities have signed up with us so far to participate in this edition of India Clean Sweep. India Clean Sweep is a nation wide cleanup event organized by CTC alongside the annual Chennai Coastal Cleanup.
  1. Bengaluru
  2. Cuddalore
  3. Cumbum
  4. Pondicherry
  5. Coimbatore
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Kanyakumari
  8. Madurai
  9. Thanjavur
  10. Tirunelveli
  11. Tuticorin
  12. Thenkasi
  13. Trichy
  14. Yelagiri
  15. Himalayas
  16. Trivandrum
Not Just One Day Cleanup !!!
Most of the registered individuals / organizations have not just signed up for the one day cleanup on June 19. They have actively came forward to take part in several of the initiatives that are listed below, which were started as part of this year Chennai Coastal Cleanup. Various organizations too have came forward to help us implement several initiatives in their workplace, which includes #NoPlasticChallenge, Regular Cleanups in Chennai, Tree plantation and sapling maintenance activities, Effective Waste management, etc. Dont be left behind in the race to sustainable living, be it your home or workplace.Register soon and make your organization as a model for other corporate organizations to follow.

Events to spread awareness
We have split the coastal lines of Chennai into 14 different zones where every zone is led by a volunteer from CTC. Our volunteers are effectively engaged in every zone over the weekends and even on some weekdays to spread awareness to locals there about Waste Management, Segregation and the importance of Marine life conservation.
As a first step to get them involved in waste management and segregation we are conducting events to involve the kids in these communities to learn about our eco-system, marine life and how we humans are directly damaging it.
Along with volunteers from SSTCN we are conducting awareness sessions, story telling, drawing competitions and other such events to kids in every zone over the weekends. There is no better way to conserve nature than educating the next generation about it. So that when they will grow up to be green citizens.

Few clicks from our awareness events for kids can be found in below albums.

Running / Cycling for CCC
Being a event organized by a group which promotes active and healthier lifestyle, we are now spreading word about the event and the need to maintain our environment to members of various Running and Cycling groups in Chennai. Every other day our CTC volunteers are participating in the regular runs / rides that happen among various running/cycling groups in Chennai.
Interested to run/ride for promoting awareness about the event and about the need for everyone of us to lead a greener life as much as possible. Choose ‘Running for CCC’ / ‘Cycling for CCC’ while registering for CCC7 here.
Waste to Wealth
We had our first ‘Waste to Wealth’ workshop on 21st May where a good number of volunteers turned up instead of being a hot Saturday afternoon. Dr. Mangalam from Exnora (a organization actively involved in making products out of waste) briefed our volunteers with a nice presentation on segregation, composting and how Exnora has developed a successful business model based out of waste, by upscaling wastes into products that are sellable. Our volunteers were also given a live demonstration on how their process works (described in below steps).
  1. Used Plastic covers of certain quality (water pack , milk pack , carry bags etc) are washed and dried.
  2. The covers are then cut in to long thread like tapes.
  3. Then it’s woven along with thread in handloom machine, this process is called Upcycling as the quality of the plastic is improved by cotton threads.
  4. The sheets are stitched together to get bags and other products.
  5. The final outcome is high in quality and very much attractive. More importantly the entire process is a zero carbon emission process.
More such events to follow in the coming weekends, register yourselves @ to not be missed out.
Media Coverage
Our campaign is gaining momentum as various media publications have started publishing articles on the various events and initiatives that our team is doing. Big FM is broadcasting interviews of our lead volunteers where they explain what we are doing and why we are doing, etc. Stay tuned !!!
#NoPlasticChallenge which was a huge success during CCC6 has been rebooted this year as #NoPlasticChallenge v2.0. Our volunteers have already started flooding the social media with their posts on how they avoid single-use plastics in their daily life. Typical things include not using straws for juices, using cloth bags for grocery purchase, using pet bottles to carry water along instead of buying bottled water, etc.
Imagine your office canteen garbage bin being almost empty instead of filled with straws, paper cups and paper plates. These are garbages which are avoidable if each individual takes responsibility on their shoulders to religiously follow on a long term, instead of putting the blame on administration.
What are you still waiting for ? Get started with your #NoPlasticChallenge. BE the leader among your social circle and work place.
More details on how to get started, rules about #NoPlasticChallenge and some tips to avoid plastics in our daily life can be found here.
CCC 7 Event Calendar
All the awareness events associated with CCC7 are available in this calendar, which will be updated periodically. Block your calendar 🙂
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