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Running has always had a prominent place in the hearts and minds of athletes. While sprint is all about speed, marathon demands endurance and perseverance. It represents the ultimate athletic effort —where the human body, mind and soul are tested to their limits.
Even though CTC is a hard-core trekking group by nature, in recent years running has grabbed its attention. On October 2013, CTC started with their first 10 x 10 series, running 10 Km for 10 continuous days and since then completed 7 series or 700km in which hundreds of members participated.
One such member is Murali Rangarajan. He joined CTC in December 2010. Murali was totally new to running, could hardly think of running a few kilometers before. Something inside him triggered him to overcome his mental blocks, wake up early in the morning and start running. Soon he was in the company of other like-minded sports men and women. He completed his first 10 x 10 in 2013 and since then Life began to change for him.
At the age of 39, he completed his first full Marathon in sub 4 hours! And within two years he has completed 5 Half Marathons, 5 Full Marathons and a Half Ironman, which includes 2Km swim, 90Km Bike and 21Km run, under international cutoff time of 8 hours. He has also successfully completed 10 x 21, a ten Half marathon in 10 continuous days. When asked what made him accomplish these achievements he attributed those to 10 x 10 series runs and hill runs conducted by CTC.
Apart from running Murali has also co-organized running events such as TWCM, D2D, Chennai Triathlon, CTM and non-running events such as Chennai Costal cleanup. He doesn’t prefer practicing for any specific events. He runs purely for the joy of running and he says his competitor is only himself. When asked about his future plans he said “I would like to finish Marathon under 3:30 hours. Apart from this I have plans to motivate and inspire young men and women and woe them into running”.


VIjayakumar Selvam
A Software engineer who has been with CTC for more than a year. Volunteered and participated in wide range of activities including Green events, Cleanups, Treks, Hill Runs and Blood donations. His latest love is running and he has been doing some crazy running.

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