Writeup for Adayar River Bank Cleanup

[Write up by Bensh]

I was part of Chennai Trekking Club for a long time(almost 4 years). First time I got to know about Chennai Trekking Club via my college friend Yashwanth for Chennai Coastal Cleanup. After that I got to know about their Trekking, Running and Cycling events and participated in the events in 2012. After i joined M.E in part time i didnt find time to participate the events conducted by CTC. I used to participate only in the Coastal Cleanup. So it was a long Gap for 2.5 years. After i finished my Degree, I got time and started participating in Swimming , Sapling Plantation and Weekday Treks.
No one forget the Rain which was poured out in Chennai in last year. CTC has did a massive job during the flood by rescuing and providing shelter and food to the affected people. I Joined them in the camp in tambaram for seggregating the goods.
I also joined with my cousin Dr,Bijivin to provide the medical needs and went to villivakkam area and got Infected for 3 days. So i stopped going to the flood affected area because i was afraid that i will get sick again. CTC started the Cleanup activities in and around Chennai with the ambition to clean the city. I wannted to go to the cleanup activity but afraid of infection and didint register for the event eventhough they conduct the clenup activity twice in a week. When i see the photos of the cleanup and how they cleaned the dirty place, i felt ashamed of myself that i am giving blame excuse by myself not to attend the cleanup activity. So i decided to attend the upcoming cleanup activity.
I have registered for the Adayar River Bank cleanup Phase-14. Today (02-MAR-2016) morning i kept alarm at 5AM and Woke up at that time at started from Ambattur to Kotturpuram. When i reached the Meeting point, i saw few faces used to see in Swimming . We started from the place at 6AM and reached the adayar river bank. The gloves and the bags were distributed to everyone and we started cleaning the place. Everyone stared collecting the garbage in the bags provided. Some people have finished their night shift and joined the cleanup. Most of the Younsters came for the activity was engineers, doctors and corporate employees.
When i started cleaning all i found was Plastic carry bags and Biscuit covers. Most of the dumps were plastics and few clothes. Me and another one friend found a water tunnel was blocked as there is no place for the water to go. So we started digging the place and all we found is Carry bags and plastic covers. They blocked the way for the waterflow and it smell was too bad. At that point i understood the impact of using the plastic carrybags. Then we digged and took all the garbages outside and made way for the water flow. In the mean time, Others too filled their bags with garbages and the time was 7:30. It was the leaving time. I got a satisfaction that atleast we cleared a block in the tunnel and made way for the waterflow.
When taking to another one person who is a regular volunteer for the cleanup activity said that before they start the cleanup activity, The localities used the river bank for their nature calls. Once CTC started cleaning the place they realized thats wrong and its their responsibility to keep the bank clean. So stopped using that place for their nature calls. I wondered how CTC changing people life style by takking an initiative like this. I felt proud to be part of Chennai Trekking Club. I wish CTC to continue their good work and i will join the social activities as much as i can.


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