Thank you life saviours – Blood Camp @Trek Polama!

Thank you all dear Life saviours !
Around 100 Volunteers of Chennai Trekking Club came forward to donate of which 66 donors were eligible and they donated, 
At our 9th Blood Camp held at our Trek Polama Event on Feb- 21.
We whole heartedly thank every one who came forward to donate blood !

Abdul Mukthar M Jaweed MD Raajapriythwin S Shravan Kumar B
Aakash Ahlawat Kalyan Kumar Koormandas Rajesh R Siva kanakaraj
Ananth B Karthik Varma K Rajkumar M Sreesan Vasudevan
Anil Sharma Kumar M Rajkumar R Srinivasan D
Aravind Kumar JD Kumaraguru S Ramasubramanian Suraj CK
Arvind R Kumaresh P Ramesh B Suresh K
Ashwin Sekar Manoj Malav Ramkumar A Tharun Venkat
Babu N Manoj P Ravindra Kumar Gupta Tushar
Badri Narayanan V Manokandan R Sabanayagam Vibin S D
Bipul Kumar Mary Varghese Sakthisaravanan Vignesh D
Chandrasekar Mohamed Azad Sandeep H S Vignesh S
Deepak S Muthu Rengan D Sankar Narayan Vinoth Sankaran
Durai Murugan Nagaraj Thiyagarajan Saravanan Vivekanand J
Ganesan Rajendran Narendra Sathis Subramanian Yesujeya Bensh P
Ganesh N Parthiban K Senthil Kumar G
Ghotham Chelladurai Prabhakaran K Shankar E
Govindnegi Pragathi K Shankar M

In spite of the various reasons, for donating blood and encouraging others to do it, there are only few who actually do it. Thanks for being a part of this group. Your act of noble kindness of volunteering blood donation will serve as an inspiration to other people. 

Chennai Trekking Club is a leading organization in the field of Out door activities  and social activities as well. We are reliant on the help of volunteers such as you for all our initiatives. Our blood donation camp was mainly to create awareness among individuals there by suporting the kids suffering from Cancer in Egmore and Heart surgery & other illness in RGGH, Central . Without your kind donation and support, infants and young children in urgent need of blood would have been helpless. Thanks to your caring action, we have been able to reach out to these young patients and give them support in fighting against cancer. Your kind and caring action will also serve as an example for others. We will keep in touch with all our donors so that we can inform them regarding the success of our blood donation drive. We express our deepest gratitude to you for your support and continued cooperation to help those in need. Please share with your friends and request everyone to to at least donate once one six moths(eligibility 3 months).

Thanks,Chennai Red Knights

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