Inspiring Stories | Part 2 – Christopher G – Journey to Triathlon

Christopher G – Journey to Triathlon                                       

Can a Passport sized photo bring a transformation in one’s life? Sometime, it does. We are talking about how Christopher realized after seeing a photo of his in 2012 that he needed to do something to bring down his weight. Resolving to get fit, he decided to start by taking up running. As the days progressed, he became more passionate about running and before long started participating in the Half, Full and even ultra-marathon.
               Around this time CTC introduced the first of Triathlon events in Chennai, and since he had been familiar with long distance running and cycling by then, he decided to participate in one and test himself. He participated in his first triathlon in 2013 under the Olympic category (10 km run, 1.5 km swimming and 40 km of cycling). Having had such an arduous test as his first, he never wavered in his desire to be fit and went on to participate in courses of ever increasing difficulty.
    What keeps Christopher going? It’s the challenge that the game offers, he says. Triathlons are always challenging; there is a need to acclimatize quickly from swimming, cycling and running. The mental part is more important, as we need to sustain for longer time. The best thing after finishing a triathlon is a state of mind that says anything is possible.
Perhaps such an invincible state of mind is a necessity. This sport requires a systematic and demanding training which he ensures happen every month. Every month he runs 150 km, cycles for 500 km and swims for 5 km. Along with this he does core strengthening and circuit training once per week.
For all the beginners he has this to say:
There are no shortcuts for success. Accept the challenge, train appropriately, listen to your body, and enjoy what you do. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat. 
Christopher’s event participation list includes:
●     Finishing 13 Half marathon, 6 full marathons, and 22 Ultra marathon (50 km). In
●     Cycling he is a 2 times Super Randonneurs (completed 200 km, 300 km, 400 km, and 600 km in a calendar year).
●     Triathlon include 2 Olympic, 2 Half Iron Man and Iron Man triathlon 2014 (2nd Place).  He is eagerly waiting for the Full Iron Man 2016.
Christopher talks about his experience with CTC Triathlon’s:

It’s my pleasure to associate with CTC, they are the one who introduced triathlon to Chennai.
CTC events are unique, challenging and something new to explore, also their events are cost effective, environmental friendly, round-the-clock support, energetic volunteers, countless photos, and many more.
Once again thanks to CTC for all their service to the society & Thanks to Peter for introducing triathlon to Chennai. 
        On a personal front, Christopher works as a User Interface Software professional at Collabnet, and he’s a proud father of his daughter, Daphne. And currently, he’s training with the running group, Chrome Pet Cheetahs. Christopher also likes to play badminton
His dream is to finish an International Iron Man event.
CTC wishes all the good luck for his dream to come true.                 

Written by Satheeshkumar D 
Satheeshkumar Dhandapani is an IT professional, working with IBM India. Apart from professional life he is highly inclined towards interests on Photograpy,Running,Cycling and Natural farming.You can follow him on

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