Cleaning and No Plastic Awareness Session at MGR Nagar School

CESAW- Cleaning and No Plastic Awareness Session at MGR Nagar School
 Post Event Write-up by Ramasamy Kannappan

I got an email from the CESAW group, inviting me to be a part of the  Plastic Awareness Session @ Chennai Corporation Middle school, MGR Nagar on the 5th of Feb. I registered for the event, not sure what to expect, as this was my first engagement with CTC. On the event day, which was a working day, I started early and after a brief search, reached the destination on time.

When I reached 2 of the members from CESAW invited me, and so gradually one by one members started to come. The main organizer Mr. Chella Babu Mohan came along with his son. So we started the event with a lot of energy and enthusiasm by conducting a cleanup session across the school with the higher secondary 


It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of the school assembly and sing the national anthem with drum beats. The school has a good practice of sharing motivational quotes in the prayer.

After the clean up session, we spoke to them about CTC, Usage of Plastics in day to day life, its harmful effects, the alternatives available. I was surprised at how attentive a group of 150+ students can be! They listened with keen interest as we explained about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment through photos and drawings. 

We also showed them various reusable products made by our own members from used plastic. It was heartening to see them create craft items from plastic items. 

We conducted a contest for kids to create innovative products from plastic wastes. All the kids were very excited and eagerly participated in the contest. I shared my experience with a few of my friends to participate in such events to do something for the society and the environment. Many of my friends inquired about the upcoming events and encouraged me to do more by seeing my FB update. 

This was the first time, I have participated in a social event of this nature. In the past I had only cleaned up my house! I realized the pain and challenges of cleaning workers and volunteers. The school management,  especially the Headmistress, was very supportive to conduct the event in their premises. We got this opportunity through a good friend and he also encouraged us to continue the activities in other schools as well.

I had a chance of interacting with a few people who actively participate in CTC Cleanups, Marathons, trekking, triathlon & Plantation events. I look forward to many more events with CTC and CESAW!

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