You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life

You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life. A few drops of your blood is all it takes to be a life saver!

Chennai Red Knights takes this opportunity to thank Tagore Medical college, VandalurNSS unit 10 of CEG – Gunidy and CTC volunteers who came forward to donate blood post Chennai floods and helped us in satisfying the huge need for blood through 245 units and 2 camps in a short span of time.

After the floods ravaged the city on Dec3, water borne diseases were on the rise. The demand of blood units was enormous especially from end of Dec to end of Jan as this was the period when the infections were being identified. For the poorest undergoing treatments in Rajiv Gandhi GH who are under pressure to arrange replacement donors, the blood camps arranged through volunteers donors served as blessing in disguise.

Account of blood camps conducted for Chennai Flood Relief:
Tagore Medical College Blood camp (30-Dec-15) – 123 units
NSS Unit 10 CEG-Guindy Blood camp (19-Jan-16) – 122 units

Chennai Red Knights is committed to its donors for their selfless support and owing to donor safety and malpractices while co-ordinating blood donations, we humbly request you to provide mandatory details like the hospital name, blood group, units required, Patient IP#, Donor attender number, required date(s) for all donor requests routed to us.

Corporates and Colleges interested to co-ordinate with us for blood camps in future could drop a note

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