Write up: Photo Tour 2: Heritage Temples – 7th February 2016

Heritage Temple photo walk around Tiruvallur, Thirunindravur
It was a last minute registration for me to take the trip of Heritage Temple photo walk around Tiruvallur, Thirunindravur.  I was lucky enough to get into it.  I reached Koyambedu around 5.45 AM and I saw few of them waiting there for the trip to get started.  A little later, Siva sir came in his car and the journey got started.  Since most of us were strangers until a little while ago, it was a quiet and kind of boring in the beginning.  But, later we all started talking so well narrating the past trekking experience.  We reached Thirunindravur within two hours and all were very hungry.
We parked the car beside the temple and first we visited the Bhaktavatsala Perumal Temple -One of the 108 divyadesam temples dedicated to lord Vishnu.  Took some amazing photos, played with some small goats around there and headed towards the breakfast outlet.  It was a small shop indeed but the taste was so amazing that we all had plenty of food and filled  our tummy.  Sri Krishna Venkataraman joined us along the way.  It was a pleasure to see him clad the traditional hindu costumes.  Then we walked to the nearby Hridayaleeswarar Temple which was very famous and powerful in curing heart related problems.  The temple was built by Poosalar Nayanar in his heart by devotional contemplation.  The priest was narrating the history to us and all of them were lucky enough to get some good blessings.
Next we headed towards Mappedu to visit the famous Singeeswarar Temple.  In mid way we stopped for tender and the taste of tender coconut was amazing.  The temple is believed to be 1000 to 2000 years old.  There is an idol of Sri Anjaneya in front of Lord Shiva shrine playing the veena, an ancient divine musical instrument.  Those aspiring skill in music pray to him.  We all took some amazing photos.
One more temple was in our queue and we knew that the place will be surrounded with lush green plants.  We finally headed to Thripurandhakeshwarar Shiva Temple in Coovum.  It is said that the Lord looks like crystal during the rainy seasons and turns red when anything untoward takes place.  There is an injury scar on the head of Lord Shiva.  Hence, pujas are performed without touching the head of the Lord.  Borneol (Pachai Karpuram) is sprayed on Lord’s head and abishekam is performed with milk.  It is said that Lord Shiva is performing penance here.
Then, we drove off and spotted a lush green farm with water being pumped out and a farm well.  Pramod and Siva started diving as soon as they reached there.  We were enjoying the beautiful moments along side. Finally we decided to take pump bath there.  The place was extra ordinarily beautiful with lush green view all around. The water was very clear. We all took an amazing bath over there.  Thanks Pramod and Siva for the idea and beautiful memories.  With no words to express the entire experience, we all returned home safely.
Thanks to all volunteers, the team and CTC for making this weekend so memorable. See you all soon again.
WRITE UP: Murali Kumar
PHOTO CONTRIBUTION: Siva Subramanian, SriKrishna, Murali, Nidhin, Vijay & Pramod

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