Chennai Iron Triathlon – March 5th – Partners

Just one week to go till the 4th edition of our annual Chennai Iron Triathlon, the only Full Iron distance Triathlon in India!
Time to thank our partners for their continuing support towards our mission to create a more active and healthy world through sports!

Hydration Partner

Fast&Up is a Swiss Italian brand which is now available in India. With its strong Swiss based R&D set up, it brings to India some of the unique products in effervescent form. In the past Fast&Up has been promoted and endorsed in the EU and US by Olympians and top Sportspersons. Between 2009 – 12 it was a sponsor for the Federazione Italiana Triathlon and its events. Some of the products being sold are:
  • Pre-workout – “Activate” – Unique L Arginine, L Carnitine, CoQ10 and Lycopene based product
  • Hydration Drink – “Reload” with superior mix of ingredients including sugars, salts and vitamins
  • During Workout – “Energize” Energy GePost Workout – “Recover” – A innovative amino acid based effervescent recovery drink.
Swim Partner
Bay of Life Surf School in Chennai, India is the first accredited surf school in Tamil Nadu. Nestled in Kovalam – Chennai, surfing lessons are offered at our beginner friendly surf spot at Covelong on the east coast road. Feel free to call us  at +91 99404 88880 for questions related to surfing / SUP in India, surf lessons, surf schools, boards rentals, surf spots, buying surf boards & accessories. Our objective is to make the adventure of surfing in India easy and enjoyable. So we go beyond the adventure tag in Chennai and have made surfing a sport for the curious. Knowledge is our strength which makes learning to surf with us safe and genuinely fun
Cycle Partner
Its been 40 years we started the journey of selling bicycles . Our vision is not only to sell bicycles but to ensure all the spares and service are kept under one roof . We wanted to act as a bridge between customers , dealers and manufacturers to make this happen we constantly provide feedbacks and participate in all bike shows around the globe .  The best way to know the requirement is to ride with our customers . We support and be part of all cycling events conducted by various clubs and regular rides with our customers during weekdays and weekends . We want to ensure that our customers are very sure about what they are buying to ensure that we have the RENTAL services where the customer can ride different types of bikes ( Road , Hybrid , MTB) before they make a choice . We want our customers to experience the joy of riding before they make the purchase . We have been constantly working on bringing the worlds leading brands . In order to make it convenient for our customers we have a showroom in OMR which is our main branch and we have a second showroom in Kodambakam .
First Aid Partner
ALERT is a group of young professionals who have come together to make basic medical life support available to all in times of need. ALERT has undertaken Emergency Response Management (ERT) as its first and core project. Through this project ALERT trains various sections of the society in emergency response and also build support systems to make emergency care available to one and all in the society. This program is being taken to corporate, educational institutions, auto and cab drivers, shopkeepers, homemakers and other social bodies. Addressing the sad state of affairs in the emergency care eco system in our society, ALERT is also working towards a vision of common man’s “Right to Emergency Care” (REC). The end beneficiary is none other than the common man in our society which includes you and me. The mission is totally free from any commercial motive and all services going out to the society is for free, with the only motive of achieving a medically aware, socially conscious and a friendly society around us. 
Venue Partner

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