Update on CTC's rehab program at Cuddalore – Jan 3rd

A quick update on our ongoing rehab efforts at Cuddalore over the weekend through Deepika, one of our volunteers:
Friday, Jan 1st. It was a wonderful day to start with our visit to Kalkunam village in Cuddalore to make sure that the potters wheel delivered earlier by our team are getting ready for proper use. The potter’s Wheel made of iron were moulded with cement by Mason’s which will be ready to use within few days. We also made sure the piggies were delivered to the respective families as their livelihood (piggies) were washed away by the inundating flood. Feeling proud to share this post as my first post in this new year. As a whole it was a fulfilling day interacting with the villagers.
Sat, Jan 2nd. Scouting the Veeranam river belt was our main aim of the day. We covered Veeranam river belt villages such as Boothangudi, Kaatumannarkovil Kumaraatchi, Nawabpet and Kuchipaalayam. In Kuchipaalayam and Nawabpet drinking water is highly contaminated that which is not fit for drinking. Water samples were collected and sent for lab testing to Chennai which might be helpful to provide the village with water purifier in near future. In addition to this a unit of clay was delivered to potters in theerthanagari Village as well.
Sun, Jan 3rd. Progress of the day:

1. Deliverable-s: Potter’s wheel for 3 families were delivered whose potter’s wheel were damaged heavily by flood. (Aalapaakam -1 Wheel , Chinna kannadi – 2 Wheels).
2. As a part of our rehabilitation program setting up a community cattle farm are in progress. Boothambaadi village is selected for this purpose as the people of the village are very much eager and supportive by all means. Of the already existing 11 self helping groups 5 groups are selected for community cattle farm, from which 2 groups are short listed for implementation of the project as an initiative.
3. Boothampaadi: As per the information provided by Boothambadi village president 40 cows were washed away flood. Of which 26 has no trace. From this list, families who had single cow as their main source of income are considered and they will be provided with a cow very soon.
4. Kalkunam: Nearly 450 families lost their livelihood as 60% of their farming land were devastated by inundating flood. As of now they don’t have any source of income hence, they have requested for groceries from NGO’s. As a part of meeting their requirement discussion is going on with local community workers of Kalkunam which would be helpful for us to contribute on restructuring their cultivation land. Once it is finalized groceries to the farmers can be distributed by involving them in restructuring their cultivation land rather than giving the groceries for free as they should not take it for granted.
5. Similar to that of potter’s wheel doll makers livelihood are heavily affected too. Buying molds for making dolls made of clay are in progress. As an initiative we inquired the rates from the mold seller.
6. In addition a load of clay was delivered to Aalapaakam.

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