Chennai Restoration – Week in Review – Jan 4-10

CTC has completed 16 cleanup drives in the last month removing tonnes of garbage from city streets, slums, schools, rivers, parks, beaches, lakes and marshlands. 
What are YOU still waiting for to be part of the Clean Chennai drive?
Date Cleanup
13-Dec Chennai city, 8 neighborhoods
18-Dec Surya Nagar slum, Kotturpuram – part 1
20-Dec Chitra Nagar slum, Kotturpuram – part 2
22-Dec Adyar river bank, Kotturpuram – part 1
25-Dec Pozhichalur Gov Primary School
26-Dec Thoraipakkam Gov Hr Sec School
27-Dec Broken Bridge Beach
29-Dec Adyar river bank, Kottupuram – part 2
1-Jan Nizhal Tree Park, Kotturpuram
2-Jan Keetzhkattalai Lake
2-Jan Foreshore Estate Beach – part 1
3-Jan Foreshore Estate Beach – part 2
5-Jan Adyar river bank, Kottupuram – part 3
8-Jan Adyar river bank, Kottupuram – part 4
9-Jan Pallikarnai marsh, Shollinganallur
10-Jan Foreshore Estate Beach – part 3
A quick summary of the 4 cleanups in the last week:
Ainthinai-CTC’s Adyar River Bank Clean Up | Phase 7-Kotturpuram, Jan 5
Yet another wonderful morning filled with energy and enthusiasm as we cleaned up the Adyar River Banks as 7th continuous effort at Surya Nagar Slum today. It was even more impactful to see when we had the kids and mothers joining us today.  We will continue to do these cleanup and rehabilitation efforts to convert Surya Nagar Slum into a model Hamlet with full fledged rehabilitation and revival in the forthcoming weeks. 
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We have also planned to connect with the local govt. administration to shape up our plans in building concrete dust bins and also to identify the possibilities to revamp the corporation toilet facility located inside the hamlet.
Ainthinai-CTC’s Adyar River Bank Clean Up | Phase 8 – Kotturpuram, Jan 8
Surya Nagar Slum was one of the worst flood hit areas due to recent rains resulting in deposit of piles of garbage debris inside the living community and along the banks of Adyar River. CTC started the cleanup and rehabilitation process 5 weeks before and our goal now is to clean up the 1 km stretch of Adyar river bund aside Surya Nagar Slum and to make it a model hamlet by deploying Concrete dustbins and Implanting the cleanliness and nature friendly living among the community people who live there. Around 40 volunteers joined the 8th cleanup drive at Surya Nagar.

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CTC-Ainthinai Cleanup at Pallikaranai Marshland – Jan 9 
Pallikaranai marshland is the only surviving wetland ecosystem of the city and is among the few and last remaining natural wetlands of South India. Which makes it the home to several rare, endangered species and migratory birds in particular, but in the past few years we have been converting into a big dump yard. Around 60 volunteers participated in Saturday’s cleanup targeted to restore Pallikarnai’s beauty near Shollinganalur.
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Beach Cleanup at Foreshore Estate – Jan 10
Around 100 volunteers did the final clean sweep of the beach North of the Adyar river and Foreshore Estate on Sunday removing 120 bags or garbage mostly consisting of plastics, thermocol and cheppels. The beach stretch near the turtle hatchery of the Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network is now completely clean and ready to receive the annual return of the Olive Ridley Turtles for nesting. Sad moment when we found a Ridley on the beach dead due to consumption of plastic – a polythene cover – a human convenience – had ended the life of this majestic creature… Will we ever change?
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