Chennai & Cuddalore Rehab Update – Jan 1, 2016

A quick summary update on our ongoing flood rehab efforts in Chennai & Cuddalore. More will be added as our teams scout for affected villages, schools and families in both locations. Those interested to support any of the pending requirements below go get in touch with us.
Nr Chennai Done/In progress Pending
1 Polizhanur school * Two tractors of garbage removed
* School bags and notebooks given to students
* Cleaned and washed the class rooms and kitchen
* Removed weeds from campus and rooftop
* 20 relief kits distributed to workers of the school
* Organized a medical camp for 200 families
* Painting the walls and rebuilding the compound wall
2 Thoraipakkam school * Cleaned up the garbage from campus
* Removed weeds from roof tops of the class rooms
* Built a drinking fountain for 2000 school kids
* Construct the waste water outlet
* Laying cement floor
* Constructing garbage collection units around the school.
3 Santhoshpuram pet home * Took care of repair flood damages car
* Provided medicines for pets
* Plumbing & electrical works (30K)
4 Karunaii illam home * Provided computer which only source for getting provisions / food through donors * Fridge, washing machine, kitchen utensils, grinder , mixie, tables n chairs, 2 almariahs, 1 file rack all got damaged in the floods
5 Senjiamman Nagar village * 92 families (schedule tribe) 41 fishing nets has been washed away by flood. Cost per net is 15K. Total: 6.9 lakhs
6 Suryanagar slum
Adyar river bank
* Slum fully cleaned up
* Adyar river bank partly cleaned (involving local youth)
* Create model slum
* Ongoing Adyar bank cleanup
* Install garbage bins + regular disposal by corporation
* Plant trees on river bund
7 City beaches * 6 lorries of garbage from Broken Bridge zone
* Collected 45 sacks glass bottles for recycling
* Pending cleanups of Marina, Foreshore beaches before Olive Ridley Turtle nesting season
8 Keezhkattalai Lake * Cleanup and restoration (Jan 2nd)
9 Blood donation * Collected 123 units blood at Tagore Engineering College, Vandalure
10 Sholinganallur school * Removing weeds from campus grown during d rain
* 80 tables for students to sit and write exams (damaged during floods)


Nr Cuddalore Done/In progress Pending
1 Boothambadi village * Provided tarps to 37 families with damaged roofs
* Provding thatched shelters to 5 families whose homes were completely destroyed (35K)
* Provide loan to 16 families who lost cattle
* 20 acres of agriculture land damaged by river: remove soil, purchase manure
* 2 families lost father: take care of wife and 2-3 children
* damaged river beds: plant palm trees/vettiver on bunds
* school: 70% of compound wall is damaged
2 Kalkulam village * Providing new pottery wheels for 6 families and clay for 11 families
* 4 piggies were also delivered to the pig rearers
* pottery families: identify contacts to sell pots bypassing local middlemen who maximize profit
* 5 families lost 20 pigs
* River was breached in three places and deposited huge amount of soil across the paddy land. Difficult to remove. To support in procurement of fertilizer
* Families are highly worried about their children’s education (college level) and jobs for degree holders
3 Kutchipalayam Village * Water Purifier required based on ground water samples
* During high tides sea water enters into the farm land and impacts fertility of soil. To increase the bund height + talk to experts on Organic farming to restore the farm lands
* Install Rain Water harvesting pits to improve the quality of the ground water
4 Thirumaanikuzhi * Roof construction for the existing devastated home of a family
5 Chinnakannadi * Potters wheel for making pots for 2 families
* Mould for making dolls (6 Nos) for a family
6 Aalapaakam * Potters wheel for a family
7 Theerthanagiri * Roof construction for a potter family
* Sand load for potters and potters wheel for few more families are in process

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