Cuddalore Flood Relief Efforts – Dec 3-14

Write-up by Srini on the relief efforts by our team in Cuddalore:
The day, peoples from costal area of the Tamil nadu and Cuddalore will never forget in their life. The rains have been inundating for the past many days and the places were damaged very badly. Peoples were homeless, crops are damaged, property gone, roads at many places gone missing, etc.
There have been generous people who have chipped in to do something to help out in this dire situation. Accordingly, CTC concentrated on rescuing people in Chennai and sending the flood relief materials to flood affected people. Pondicherry CTC team jointly with Cuddalore Bikers Club started distributing relief materials in and around Cuddalore – Pondicherry areas. NGOs from Coimbatore and CTC sent flood relief materials to Cuddalore in the name of Coimbatore for Tamilnadu (C4TN).

​The very first day that is December 03, friends from Cuddalore Bikers Club joined with CTC volunteers to make out whatever possible to churn out something good. Then we started our relief work by preparing and distributing food for 500 people.

​​The next day relief materials arrived from Coimbatore and friends from Pondy who are members of Chennai Trekking Club arrived in the morning. Together we set some of the strings straight with meeting the officials in the government and knowing what help is needed and where it is needed. Relief materials were segregated, food was cooked, transported to the needed people. This relief work goes on days together. There is flow of relief materials in plenty but there is a need for volunteers to direct the churned result to the right place at the right time. Every day the number of volunteers increased and joined hands with us without any requests for volunteering though the climate is too wet with rains are continuously inundating the town. With due respect we thank all the volunteers who came in to aid with the Cuddalore flood relief work.

Our relief mission started when there was a request from NGO’s, Coimbatore to indulge in distribution of relief materials to flood affected areas in Cuddalore. The relief mission was named Coimbatore for Tamilnadu –C4TN (jointly with CTC). Simultaneously our CTCians in Chennai focused on rescuing people from the flood affected areas in Chennai. Initially our Relief Centre operating site was domiciled at Krishnasamy School, Cuddalore which was later extended to 3 different operating sites that which includes Vishnu Mahal Cuddalore, Cuddalore Collectorate and Puducherry.

​Individuals and NGO’s extended their support by sending in the relief materials continuously in large numbers. The relief materials were packed into kits by hundreds of volunteers and distributed them to the people in flood affected areas with help of the list acquired from Cuddalore collectorate. The volunteers who lasted from the beginning till the end were CTC – Pondy and Cuddalore Bikers Club. The volunteers were not from single source, they were from variety of background that which includes college students, school students, local volunteers, NSS students, etc.
​As of now. 30,000 Food kits, 3000 rehabilitation kits and 1000 student kits were distributed to the beneficiaries as per the list of areas provided by the Collectorate and the requests from flood affected villagers. We covered most of the flood affected villages in the list provided by the Cuddalore Collectorate either by distributing Food kits, Rehabilitation kit or both. Hence, we focused our aim on scouting to know more about the needs of the people in highly flood affected areas in Cuddalore. The parameters include building a home for the needy, livelihood, education, etc. by which transforming our aim into long term and short term needs of the flood affected people. Our volunteers from CTC and Bikers Club Cuddalore scouted Cuddalore district in two consecutive weeks, splitting into 2 different teams in the first week and 4 teams in the second week covering a larger area of flood affected villages. We would like to thank all the Volunteers, sponsors and individuals who extended their support in relief work either directly or indirectly
Scouting and re-habitation process are started and going well for flood affected place at Cuddalore

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