Bring it on 2016!

2015 was the year of ultra running the lesser known trails across the beautiful mountains in South, the year of touring through remote valleys in the majestic Himayalas free like a bird with running shoes and tent, the year of swimming like a fish in the ocean in the open waters of Ottiyambakkam, The year where the Chennai Trekking Club connected 27 thousand outdoors souls, the 7th year of exploring the unexplored.
The year where Ainthinai- ஐந்திணை continued to create a more sustainable planet planting and maintaining 6000 saplings in its 3 year history, the year of 5 thousand citizens segregated 30 tonnes of garbage from their beaches and 10 other cities in South joined our Chennai Coastal Cleanup and CTC Green Day in a 2 month long environmental awareness campaign, the year where our CTC Pondy team stood out in green initiatives and relief of flood affected Cuddalore.
The year where CTC found out that there are 5 times more weekday mornings than weekends, the year of weekday morning runs, swims, fitness tests, camps and treks, the year of 4th Chennai Trail Marathon and 2nd Javadhu Hills Ultra bringing trail running bliss to thousands of city runners across South, the year of the 15th edition of the Chennai Triathlon which introduced thousands of sportsmen and women in multi-sports endurance.
The year of organic farming and sustainable living workshops, the year where our CESAW Group flash mobbed the city, the year where hundreds learned about latitudes and longitudes in CTC’s Navigation Bootcamp, the year where our Chennai Red Knights got thousand+ blood donors to save countless lives, the year where CTC stood up for its city in times of need. Bring it on 2016!

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