Blood Donation Camp – Vandalur – 30th Dec – 2015 (Post Event mail)

Last wednesday (30 Dec) Chennai Red Knights team organized a blood donation camp at Tagore Engineering College, near Vandalur in coordination with Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank.
Due to the recent Chennai floods there has been a severe shortage in fulfillment of blood requirements, this camp was one of the many that is being organized by CRK team to fulfill those requirements.
We collected a total of 123 units from Tagore Engineering college students, staff’s and other CTC donors. Which will helpsave 369 lives. This was possible only because of the good hearted souls who made time in their regular weekday schedule and came for the camp to donate. Apart from the regular donors there were lots of first time donors who volunteered to donate beyond their inhibitions, fear and comfort levels. At the end everyone left contented, cherishing with a smile of pride. The pride of help saving a life. The pride of becoming a Red Knight with CRK. After all everyone doesn’t need to possess super powers to become a hero. A small kind act is all that is needed to become one.
We take this opportunity to thank each and every one of those selfless volunteers who came forward to donate blood, without whom this camp could not have been a great success.
We make an appeal to our volunteers to help conduct such camps in your college or workplace. You can forward this mail to respective people or CSR department. If they are interested to organize then please fill out this form or mail us @
Team CRK.
Any queries, please drop a mail to
About Chennai Red Knights

Chennai Red Knights (CRK) is the Blood donors’ wing of Chennai Trekking Club. CRK team is actively involved in arranging donors for surgeries, emergency requests and blood camps in Egmore Child Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi G.H and emergency volunteer donor requests for various other private hospitals in Chennai. Based on pure volunteer support, CRK has coordinated 1000+ units (1000 units = 3000 lives saved) so far.

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