Post Event : Ainthinai Tree Plantation @Little Flock Children Home : Sep 12

Event : Ainthinai Tree Plantation I @Little Flock Children Home

Location : Kondamangalam , Near Chengalpattu

Date : Sep 12

Number of volunteers Participated :23
Number of Saplings planted  : 50
Weather : Cloudy
Tasks done : Digging Pit, Planting, Mulching,Watering,guards,Fun etc…

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Sugar Candid Studios

In this event we tried an alternate for tree guard, Tree guards are much expensive, every one cant afford it, so we are experimenting with various possiblities. This one is followed in many places… Mix cow dung with water(should be sticky not very dilute). spray on the leaves.. ensure its there once its dried… Because of the smell cows and goats wont touch it, some times humans who pluck the leaves… Repeat it once in 2 or 3 weeks when new leaves grow or if the previous one washed by water/rain… Good one to try as its very cheap !

Some Moments to Cherish 


Thanks,Ra Aravindh |Refuse |Reduce |Reuse |Recover |Recycle

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