CTM 2015 – Thank you Partners!

As we are within the reach of Chennai’s most beloved Trail Marathon – 2015 edition, we are sure that runners have been geared up to take up the challenge. We at Chennai Trekking Club are all set to provide you an enjoyable running experience across a beautiful trail.

The trail around the Cholavaram lake is gonna be electric with hundreds of energized Marathoners running together to achieve their dream!!!

At this special moment, we would like to acknowledge and thank all our partners, for the support they have been providing us in various forms to make #CTM15 an astonishingly successful event. 

Thank you for being our Partner
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Venue Partner
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GOJAN College of Business and Technology has been our Venue partner for #CTM since CTM 2013. 
Gojan School of Business and Technology is functioning from the academic year 2005 – 2006, offering courses in Engineering Degree in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical andHotel Management. The founding fathers of the Gojan School of Business and Technology, as true champions in the cause of professional(Higher) education, have ambitious plans to conduct various courses at the U.G. and P.G. levels in the same campus itself – all under one root. Towards this direction two more branches of Engineering Degree courses Aeronautical and Information Technology and Master of Business Administration(Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai) courses have been started from the academic year 2007 – 2008 with the approval of AICTE and affiliation to Anna University, Chennai. 
Hospitality Partner
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Centrally located in city’s prominent area, The Westin has been our Hospitality Partner since CTM – 2015. It is our BIB distribution venue and we thank you for all the support you have been providing us. 
The Westin Chennai Velachery is near major corporations, eclectic restaurants, shopping, and the botanical gardens. Treat yourself royally in one of India’s most historic cities.Eat well in our three restaurants, which serve healthful, local, and international meals. Relax with a drink by the inviting outdoor pool. Recharge in the WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio and rejuvenate with a pampering session in the Heavenly Spa by Westin™.Our 215 stylishly-appointed guest rooms—including 11 suites—ensure a relaxing stay in pleasant surroundings.
Associate Partner
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Our Associate partner, Hanu Reddy Realty is a Real Estate Company having Offices in Chennai, Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore, Mysore, Visakhapatnam and Irvine (California) offering Professional Services like Selling, Buying and Leasing of Commercial/Residential Properties in prime areas of the city. The promoters of their company have owned and developed Real Estate over 75 years in Myanmar, India and USA.

Our First Aid partner ALERT, has been extending their support for numerous CTC events and it does not come as any surprise when they are our First Aid partner for CTM15 as well. ALERT is a group of young professionals who have come together to make basic medical life support available to all in times of need. ALERT has undertaken Emergency Response Management (ALERT) as its first and core project. Through this project ALERT trains various sections of the society in emergency response and also build support systems to make emergency care available to one and all in the society. This program is being taken to corporate, educational institutions, auto and cab drivers, shopkeepers, homemakers and other social bodies. Addressing the sad state of affairs in the emergency care eco system in our society, ALERT is also working towards a vision of common man’s “Right to Emergency Care” (REC). The end beneficiary is none other than the common man in our society which includes you and me. The mission is totally free from any commercial motive and all services going out to the society is for free, with the only motive of achieving a medically aware, socially conscious and a friendly society around us.

Prize Partner

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The mere mention of the name “Decathlon” rings a bell for every person who is associated with any outdoor activities. It is a well known fact that a huge number of sports aspirants in Chennai are awaiting for Decathlon to open their shop at Poonamalle!

Decathlon Sports was founded in 1976 in France. We aim to make the pleasure and benefit of sports available for everyone across the globe and we do that by providing world class products both for enthusiastic beginners as well as passionate professionals at extremely affordable prices. In India it is our aim to do our best to help Indians play more by paying less for their sports equipment. It is our commitment to attract and nurture talent to create growth opportunities in-sync with our progress in India. Decathlon Sports has been present in India for more than 10 years and our first cash and carry flagship store was set up in May 2009 at Sarjapur in Bangalore. As of end 2014, we were at 20 stores spread across India. Read more over here.

Prize Partner
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Running Lab India is a specialty running store retailing technically advanced running apparel, equipment and footwear. Staffed by sports trainers and experienced runners, we provide assistance to match the right shoe to your foot type and gait, helping to maximize your running performance and reduce risks of injuries. Our facilities include an in-house treadmill for gait analysis, as well as to allow customers to put their shoes to the test before deciding if the pair of shoes they’re wearing are truly the right pair for them. We deal with leading international brands of footwear, apparel and accessories to suit all running enthusiasts.

Timing Partner

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CTM 2015 is a timed event and My Race is our Timing partner, who would help us measuring the running time accurately.

My Race Timing Solutions specializes in providing event timing and management services with a comprehensive approach. The benefit of working with us is you can consolidate a number of services your event will need with one partner from handling online registration, to providing bibs, timing tags, scoring and publishing results online.  Our primary focus is to offer the best timing services available, anywhere and to be the preferred choice of event organizers to work along with for the success of the event. Whether your event is small or large, 5k fun run to a 100 mile ultra, we strive to use leading edge technology, so you can expect the best timing experience for participants from us.

Hydration Partner
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Our Hydration partner, Unived promises to offer you innovative, quality, vegan healthcare products that are inspired by nature and based on research. Unived says that they draw their source of inspiration from nature and that is the reason they mention that their formulations are based on natural phytochemical architectures that have immense medicinal therapeutic properties.

Read more @ www.unived.in
Cookie Partner
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If you had participated in any of the CTC events earlier, whether it is Coastal cleanups or Marathons or Triathlons or Green events, you would have already tasted yummy cookies. It is from none other than Adityaa Agro, our all weather Cookie partner. 
Adityaa Agro is glad to inform that they are the only leading company in India to manufacture millet cookies, millet noodles, millet mixture, millet soda batter and other millet based products.without preservatives, colours, flavours, baking powder and any raising agent. Their cookies products are made with 100% atta and millet. Their company has now extended it’s business by exporting it’s products to UK,Malaysia,Muscat,Singapore,Myanmar etc and all over India. They are in research to launch innovative products based on millet for a healthy and wealthy life. 
Green Cause
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Ainthinai is the active Green Wing of The Chennai Trekking Club. It consists of a large group of volunteers, from the 25K member CTC group, who actively engage themselves towards the conservation of Mother Nature. Over the past 3 years, our Ainthinai team has been involved in various social and environmental conservation activities including but not limited to Tree Plantations, Sapling maintenance drives, Tree walk programs (to know about our native trees), Organic Farm Visits & Volunteering, Cleanup Programs in beaches, lakes and forests, Organizing Terrace Garden Workshops. In short people who are concerned about Mother Nature are part of Team – Ainthinai.

Aid Station Partner
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Our Aid station partner, Marina Runnerz, is a running group formed by a group of committed and enthusiastic runners, fresh from their success at Dream Runners Half Marathon 2014.  The group comprises runners from different backgrounds, age groups and professions and is presently coached by a professional trainer and two in-house coaches. The group  meets twice every week on Tuesdays & Fridays for their coaching near light house on Marina beach and various grounds with race track facilities in Chennai.  The members of the group go on a long run atleast once a week and frequently to more exotic and challenging places in and around Chennai city.  Cross training and Yoga is also part of their  training.  The aim of the group is to train the members to be a better long distance runner and to run without major injuries common to runners.  This is perhaps the only running group in the city which e-publishes its newsletter every month and which also distributes various literature on running to its members.  With a lot of camaraderie the group’s motto is to run with fun.  The group has already established its name with some strong finishes in various marathon events such as DRHM, Chennai trail marathon, TWCM, Cool runners half marathon and Auro 2015.   Here is a running group which is surely on course for a long run !!!

Aid Station Partner
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From a meager 3 to a thousand runners – how did this journey unfold?  Just by doing more, and running more – besides having a strong sense of identity, being inclusive, being flexible without any rigid rules based approach, by working hard while having fun – and most importantly putting the sport on the spot light. Just like the Banyan tree, Chennai Runners growth philosophy has been on the basis of how dense the outgrowth is rather than how powerful the central trunk is.

Aid Station Partner
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At Anna Nagar Dreamers (AND), we believe running is an integral and non-negotiable part of each of our lives. Hence our motto, “AND we run”. We came together as a group that was inspired by Dream Runners as a part of their training program for DRHM 2015. We were mentored by a set of wonderful people from Marina Runnerz. We are based at Bougainvilla Park, Anna Nagar and train together under a professional coach on every Wednesday and Saturday. While some of our runners have participated in many events from DRHM 2013, TWCM 2014 to runs as recent as AHM 2015, we are largely a group of relatively new runners who’ve been smitten by the running bug. With the kind of rigor and diligence that we have been putting into our training, its a matter of time before we create an impact and carve a niche for ourselves in this delightful world of running.


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