Save Life! Donate Blood!

Thanks to our mighty red men and women who donated blood to save many lives undergoing major heart surgeries, treatment for blood
cancer and other life threatening conditions; majority of which are
emergency requirements from Government hospitals located in Chennai. Appealing more members to come forward and register as a blood donor.

On our 6th Trek Polama sympozium, 60 Good will CTCians volunteered to participate in the blood
donation camp held at the venue.So far we were able to help 75 patients
by the regular volunteering of 40 CTC donors, who are supporting the
noble initiative.

Our team has arranged 240+ units of blood
so far by constant motivation among family & peer to volunteer
selflessly save lives. With 25000+ members, we could do miraculous
volunteering in saving many kids suffering with blood cancer and other lives.

One could be a trekker,runner. swimmer, biker photographer,tree lover now its time to be be a savior by donating 350ml of blood once in 3 months with a good will; which in turn revives you with good health.
And Yes! As any other CTC initiative, our motto is sustainability to motivate our kith and kin for the practice of blood
donation. Pull along our friends for yet another enthrilled CTC
experience with contempted happy volunteering for the privilege of
saving lives.Taking one more step ahead in visiting the patients during
their recovery period and witnessing them in better health will add more
essence to our mighty volunteering and sharing the gratifying
experience with the patients and their family.


forward for your constant support and selfless volunteering for the
noble cause which has no seasons or reasons as setbacks. If you are
extremely occupied during the weekdays no worries, you could volunteer
to donate during the weekends as well. worried about night shifts ???
you could still donate just before you start to your work.
all we need is a good will to bleed for a life, and we will be rewarded
with contempted happiness for being a mighty saviour of life.
One of the many thanks notes we receive from the loved ones of the patients:
Few Recepients

Kindly try to e punctual, responsible,compatible and considerate when
you commit to bleed for a patient, understanding the emergencies and the
difficulties in organizing and coordinating the donors.Last minute drop
outs is not that easy to tackle in life threatening conditions or when
the surgery has been fixed after the confirmation of the donors.
Thanking you
Dr. Gayathri
Bleed for a life, Sweat for a cause, Breathe Green

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