India Clean Sweep II – Tirunelveli & Tuticorin

Location : Aanaiyar Kulam

Nellai Nature Club a group formed by nature loving souls of  Nellai. The club regularly arranges Cycling trips, Bird watching, Photography, Trekking & Tree Plantation activities. The passionate team was part of India Clean Sweep 2014 where they cleaned up river Thamirabarani. This year the same passionate team has conducted a cleanup drive at Aanaiyar Kulam as part of India Clean Sweep II. 
It was a gathering for a better, cleaner India. People from all age participated with lots of enthusiasm. Especially kids, who continuously popped out many interesting questions to our volunteers. Questions like “Why are we cleaning?” “Whats the use of Cleaning?” “What will happen if animals eat the plastics and other garbage that we throw ?”. All in all it was a great awareness event among the children who were explained clearly on the ill effects of Plastics that we throw in our daily life. Most of the volunteers were first timers, but despite they all very actively participated in the cleanup. At the end of the day the entire pond area was much cleaner than before and all our volunteers left with a satisfied heart filled with happiness.
Few beautiful moments captured during the event :

Team : Vikasha School in partnership with Nellai Nature Club
Location : Tuticorin Beach
In Tuticorin, Vikasa school children were interested in cleaning tuticorin shores as part of India Clean Sweep II. 80 selfless students along with volunteers from Nellai Nature Club participated in the cleanup. Garbage varying from plastics to glass bottles were collected from the shores of Tuticorin. Kids were confessing that we generally throw plastics and other garbage around when we come here for a outing with our families but from now on they wont repeat the same and they all took a pledge that here after they wont throw garbage around and not let anyone in their vicinity to throw as well. It was a great awareness event for children of Vikasa School. Totally an approx of one km stretch of the beach was cleaned up on June 7th.
Few beautiful moments captured during the event :

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