India Clean Sweep II – Kanyakumari


Cleanup Location : Colachel Beach

                                                              The students of Sacred Heart International School (Pammam, Marthandam) participated in the Coastal clean up programme conducted by joining hands with Chennai Coastal Cleanup team on 6th June 2015. Nearly 50 students( 25 Girls and 25 Boys) cleaned up the beach area by collecting 30 bags of plastics and 20 bags of glass and hard metals. They also  raised awareness for the local community people during the event through direct conversations and by showing posters. This event brought significant environmental awareness for our students and gave opportunity for them to realize the importance to save marine habitats.
Students conveying the importance of keeping the environment clean to Public
Students cleaning the historically important Colachel beach
Students taking pledge to not litter the public places and reduce the usage of plastic

Team Ainthinai


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