Catch The Wave As The Countdown Begins For One Of The Biggest Cleanup Activities In Chennai Coastline

What began
as a movement to clean up Tada with 150 CTC volunteers in 2009 to promote
‘Eco-tourism’, has now taken the shape of one of the biggest volunteer-driven
cleanup activities in the Chennai Coastline. As more hands joined this initiative,
these cleanup activities made their way to the beautiful beaches of Chennai
along a 15km coastal stretch from Marina till
Injambakkam, marking
the first edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup (CCC) in 2010. 
then on, with every passing year, the movement has gained momentum, with
volunteers covering the entire stretch of Chennai coastline, segregating,
recycling the waste, exploring alternatives for plastics and taking a conscious
effort to reducing the garbage footprint.
are plastics everywhere from the landfill in your own street to the beautiful
blue beaches. There are continents of floating garbage in the massive oceans. A whopping 6 million straws were collected in CCC5 in
just few hours of cleaning up.
plastics are polluting the deep seas, killing the turtles and fishes, poisoning
the birds and messing up our environment. One of the first of a kind initiatives of CCC –
‘#NoPlasticChallenge’ challenged Chennaiites to avoid plastic usage and to encourage
reduce, re-use and recycle.

With a
huge response to the #NoPlasticChallenge this year, next proposal was to invite interested residential colonies, apartments and corporates
to set up their own long term Solid waste Management system by partnering with
. To limit the waste landing into sewers and landfills,
a Kabadiwala connect was needed, and an online form was shared in Social media
for gathering information to create a local recycle shop network. The team also
organized a weekend event to arrange doorstep collection of segregated
thin/thick plastics and cardboards on 30-May, 31-May.
year has been a new learning experience for the team, starting from mere
collection of waste in 2009 to progress to a stage where they perform waste
segregation at the time of collection followed by recycling of the waste.
have been some trend-setting collaborations with recyclers in the recent
editions of the cleanup. The previous two
editions of Chennai Coastal Cleanup saw collection and recycling of over 3.3 tonnes of plastics, 4.3 tonnes of
Shoes/Slippers, 2.5 tonnes of liquors bottles, 476 Kg of
Thermocole and 98 Kgs of metal cans, thus saving 27.8 MWh of energy and over 3,
00,000 liters of water. That’s not all of it, the thin plastics collected in
CCC5 were used for laying plastic roads in Madambakkam, a locality in Chennai.

A number of
volunteers from Chennai Dive Club, Temple Adventures (Pondicherry) and Coastal
Security group scuba-dived for an
underwater cleanup in CCC4 and CCC5 to
remove the nylon fishing nets and the marine debris.
2012, the group made it to the Limca book of Records with a National record of
fastest garbage cleaning with a collection of 17.6 tonnes of garbage in a 15km
stretch of Chennai coast.
Trekking Club is the brains behind this massive cleanup effort every year. This
movement has seen a spontaneous splurge in the volunteer count with more people
joining up to assist with the logistics and event planning in the last 6 years.
Many corporates and NGOs have joined hands have supported this movement with
each edition of the cleanup. Last year, this movement spread its wings with 10
other Indian cities joining this movement under the name ‘India Clean Sweep’. 2014 edition of CCC5 & India Clean Sweep involved
6200 volunteers from 150 Corporates, NGOs, colleges, schools and individuals
and the total garbage collected was 50 tonnes.
  The 2015 edition of India Clean Sweep will be
carried out in 12 Indian cities.
Team has gone an extra mile this year to generate awareness about harmful
effects of plastic disposal this year to prevent them making their way to
landfills and beaches. From street
plays, wall paintings, story-telling sessions, flash-mobs, posters, drawing
competition for kids and younger generation connect, the team has put in every
possible effort to generate awareness on plastics and the need for waste
volunteers have worked behind the screens in poster design, putting in every
possible information in the form of daily quiz, ‘Did you know’ posts,
promotional videos and much more on the Chennai Coastal Clean Facebook page. The
organizing team has designed a stainless steel reusable water bottle and
ceramic coffee mug as a move to prevent a huge number of disposable plastic
bottles, cups and wax coated paper cups making their way to landfills
The group has also identified mobile kiosks/water vending machines in public
places as an alternative for bottled water.
volunteers have also interacted with juice shop and food stall owners, by
suggesting them a few alternatives for disposables to go litter-free in their
business. Some juice stall owners now have CCC6 posters on their stall to raise
awareness to avoid disposables.
generates 50 tonnes of garbage every day. From the first coastal cleanup in 2010
with 880 volunteers and collection of 8.9 tons of garbage, the team has marched on in the fight against
plastics by amassing 50 tonnes in 2014 edition of India Clean Sweep/CCC5. There
is yet another ambitious target this year to meet. Wish our team all the luck
and do share the post to send a strong message of environmental awareness to
our society to preserve our natural inheritances in and around our polluted
An anti-littering revolution has begun. Catch the wave as the
countdown begins for one of the biggest Clean up activities along the coastline.
the updates in the ‘Chennai CoastalCleanup’ Facebook page.

Bloggers Team,
Chennai Coastal Cleanup

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