Post Event Write-up: Bangalore Swimming Workshop May 2nd, 2015

  We had great time organizing Bangalore Swimming Workshop by Mike Johnson. For those of you who missed it,

Attached is a set of videos for different aspects of the freestyle stroke.  We covered many of these points in the workshop and there’s a lot more quality information here about the fundamentals.
Swimming requires strength and balance in the water, which can only be achieved by practicing consistently.  I suggest the following framework for your practices:
1) Stretching – Ensure that you back, shoulders and legs are loose before entering the water
2) Kicking – Start with some kicking with a kickboard or on your side, stomach or back
3) Drills – Run through some of the drills that are demonstrated in the videos attached.
4) Full stroke – practice putting the stroke and kick together.  Go slowly and ensure that your technique doesn’t fall apart when swimming full freestyle
[If you’re able to swim 2 laps of the pool without stopping]
5) Endurance Sets – online you will find workouts that you can follow to improve your strength and endurance.  Ensure that your technique is solid before training because it will be harder to correct bad habits later on.

Technique Videos Notes
General Common mistakes in freestyle – many of which were addressed in the workshop Breakdown of perfect freestyke stroke
Balance + Rotation:
– Your head stays still; eyes down
– Rotating around your body’s axis (hips and shoulders together)
– Posture should be tall Drill for body balance and posture in the water. Drill for body rotation from workshop
– Don’t lift your head
– Practice breathing to both sides
– Kick to stabilize body when rotating to breathe Very detailed dynamics of freestyle breathing Drill for good breathing technique Drills and technique for breathing in open water Common mistakes in breathing
– Toes pointed
– Ankles relaxed
– Kick from your hips
– Small, tight kicks Basics of kicking
– Fingertips enter water first
– Hands make ‘S’ shape under body
– Accelerate your hands as you push past you hips Catch-up drill to help with pull Fingertip drag drill to help with high-elbow recovery

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