Post Event Write-Up E-Mail – Ainthinai's Tree Plantation Drive @ Egmore Hospital – Jan 10, 2015

Wonderful Write-Up from Rathi Anbusatchi.
A small recap of the event,
The greatest invention comes from an
idea and so is this organization. An idea was born, discussed, planned, and
executed. It’s never as easy as it sounds to organize an event to plant 50
saplings; with 50 members in a governmental institution. It is a great
hardship. No one would have even thought of executing, but in CTC, it’s nothing
more than a piece of cake.
Ainthinai, green wing of CTC has done
a lot of remarkable events previously and this was another feather in the cap.
The event started for me just a week
back on receiving a mail, but for the organizer it would have started a month
back probably. With all the background work on getting permission in a
Government Hospital in Egmore, arranging for the saplings, tools
for digging pits and checking the area for planting with respect to sunlight,
water facility and soil was all done and ready when we received the mail. All
participants had to do was to dig a pit, plant and water it, more importantly
to spread the awareness- the main focus of the green events.

Generally planting saplings are done
in out skirts of Chennai, this time it was carried within the city in close
proximity. Of any other times, this gave an opportunity for many to
participate. We had more number of volunteers than expected. It was encouraging
knowing many had the desire to change the world and in preserving the depleting
environment. This clearly marks the success of Ainthinai’s goal.
All participants gathered in front of Government Hospital for Women
& Children in Egmore by 6:30 a.m. There were challenges as
certain location chosen for plantation wasn’t available. More number of
volunteers came forward and we made the maximum usage of available space. A
brief lecture on the saplings to be planted, its usage and importance were
clearly explained.  A demo was also given by Mr.Mani on the method of
planting the sapling and reason behind every step.
All participant started the work by 7
30 a.m. Work was divided among everyone and they started off. Loosening the
soil with the crow bar, digging the pit with hoe/spade, planting the sapling,
covering the pit with manure mixed in the soil, tightening the soil by applying
pressure and mulching to avoid evaporation of water was done. This process
continued for 3 full hours.
Apart from this, Eeyakam, an
organization working on social welfare in regard to hospitals also
joined hands with us.
There was also a brief session on
importance of blood donation, stem cell donation and the importance in
spreading their awareness.
By 10 a.m. we took a short
break for breakfast, had an energetic diet and started the work again. The
remaining saplings were planted in the nursing hostel. All planted sapling were
properly watered with good mulching.  We let few saplings to be planted by
students in the hostel. This would help them in creating a close bond with
nature and drive them in maintaining the environment.

By 12:30p.m., started work was
completed with full satisfaction and we headed to our homes with a broad smile
and a greener future. A special thanks to Mani, Ela,
Abirami, Prabhakaran for their efforts to make this event happen and to
Ravi and Rajasekr for capturing the event in colorful ways possible which holds
the memory forever. A very special thanks to all the participants who made it
to the event and made it fruitful in the best way possible.

Little drops of water make a mighty
ocean; every small sapling makes an oxygen filled world tomorrow.

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