Social Trek with the kids of Anbu Illam by Hari

[Write up by Hari]

Trek” – Its always been in my big to-do list. So when I got a chance to
go for it and that too a trek after almost a year, I dint wanna miss
it. I was so much excited I cud nt even properly sleep in office the
previous afternoon :-p Packed my stuff and set alarm at 3.00 am, 3.03 am & 3.12 am just to make sure I don’t fall asleep but got up at 2.55 am itself. Started from home by walk at 3.45 am aiming
to reach tidel at 4.30 but a good hearted person dropped me in
thiruvanmiyur in his Classic 350. Reached tidel by 4.00, tried to sleep
in the bus stop but the mosquitoes made sure I dint. Peter came at 4.30
and left with few ppl while me and bala were waiting for srikanth. Once
he came we left tidel, picked up asha in guindy. With 2 PHDs in the car I
felt quite uncomfortable cos I dint understand a word in their
conversation 🙂 Once we reached koyambedu I switched to aravind’s car
along with ganesh who shouted “vaa naaye” and thats when I became normal
🙂 and then we all reached madhavaram.

kids of anbu illam were picked up and they too reached madhavaram. Two
kids rakesh & saran got into our car and we started to nagala. The 2
kids were shy at first but once songs were played in the car they
started singing along and we even made them dance inside the car. Just
when the hunger siren started ringing in my stomach, all the cars moved
into a maangaa thoppu for breakfast. All the kids stood in line and
received their idly & vadai. And yeah it was awesome that too when
tasted along with kaara chutney 🙂 Group photo was taken and we started
off to the destination.
we reached nagala, all the kids were asked to come along with one
volunteer and not go alone. 2 or 3 kids dint wear slippers, so ganesh
ruthira & many other volunteers carried them all the way to the top.
We reached a small pool which was around 3 feet deep and once thilak
anna asked the kids to get into the water they all rushed into it. Few
kids were afraid to get into the water, but once they got into it they
enjoyed it so much that they never left. Peter, as usual, brought his
phone into the water and captured all the actions.
came the lunch time, we had lemon rice with potato and chips 🙂 Then
we had an entertainment session where the kids were asked to sing songs.
“What A Karvad”, “Boomi enna suthudhe” were among them. They used their
own lyrics & tune for the songs but still it was awesome 🙂 The
kids wanted thilak anna also to sing a song but somehow he escaped.
after a final bath in the pool we all started to the basement.
Volunteers gave pens, crayons & chocolates as gifts to all the kids.
The volunteers had extra chocolates so I had to help them decrease the
extra weight :-p Snacks were also distributed by some volunteers to all
small kids and big kids like me. And it was time for everyone to leave
after an awesome day with the kids and fellow volunteers. Everyone got
into their car and just when I was thinking if the kids enjoyed my
company, a Kid called me up and said “adutha vaatiyum neenga vaanga”
(next time also u come)..

Peter Van Geit
Life starts at the end of our comfort zone

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