Snake Walk with Irula's Back to Back (03&04 Jan 2015)

We had two days of snake walk with Irula’s and got loads of
information’s about snakes, its behavior, do’s and don’ts for snake
bites, venom extraction process and how to react in the event of snake
Thanks to Dr. Rajanna to come all the way from Madurai to walk with us to share his knowledge on the snakes.
Photos from the snake walk event.
Indian Spectacled Cobra
Cobra is the most famous and fascinating snake found in Indian
subcontinent and can be identified with the spectacle hood in its head.
This is one among the “Big Four” of Indian snakes.
Common Krait
Krait is an infamous venomous snake capable for delivering neurotoxic
bite during night time. This is one of the most common medically
significant snake also the member of “Big Four” of India.
Russell’s Viper
Viper is the most widely distributed Viper family member which is
infamous for its fascinating whistle and long fangs. This is one of the
most bite and death causing venomous snake in Indian subcontinent and
the member of Big Four of India.
Kali from the Irula co-op opened the mouth of the Russell’s viper to display its fangs.
Rat Snake 
Snake is a commonly seen snake which is famous for its fast crawling
speed and much larger size than most of the widely distributed species
found in India.
Green Vine Snake
snakes are among the few species to have horizontally elliptical
pupils, as well as a pointed, angular snout. The combination of these
two factors give the species a high degree of binocular vision and allow
them to gauge distances effectively. Contrary to popular belief, they
would rarely, if ever, try to poke your eyes out with their snout and it
is better suited to camouflage the animal within the foliage and leaves
where it is usually found.
Red Sand Boa
Sand Boa is a widely distributed Boa found in Indian subcontinent.
Among layman it is famous as “Two-headed Snake” due to presence of very
thick tail having rounded end. This is one of the most commonly used
snake in snake charming work.
Bronzeback Tree Snake
Bronzeback is the most widespread Dendrelaphis species of India which
is the only species of genus in most of the parts of Indian mainland.
Venom extraction from snakes @ Madras Crocodile Bank
Group Photo Day 1 : 03-Jan-2015
Group Photo Day 2 : 04-Jan-2015
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