CTC Family/Kids Outdoor Camping – Nov 29-30

Last weekend 30 families including 45 kids and 15 CTC volunteers spent a wonderful evening/morning together camping in the outdoors at Thenneri lake near Wallajabad. Find below some memories caught on the lens and testimonials of parents.
Big thanks to Masu, Jayanth, Hema, Rady, Sankar, Bhagath, Sundhari, Noel, Gowri, Bhagath Sulai, Gopal, Sathish, Manoj and several family members for selflessly volunteering without whom this event would not have been possible.

It was my first trip with family and kids with CTC and our first experience of a Night Camping Outdoor. I would like to say that it was fabulous and Awesome !!! Well managed Well Organized Well Executed. Big Thanks to CTC and all the Volunteers who made the experience a memorable family get-together away from the Hussle and Bussle of city life where everyone is racing against time. Special thanks to the Head Chefs of CTC who made us delicious Hot Hot food Pasta(Kids Loved it) ,Chicked Curry(Perfect combination with Parrota),Veg Fried Rice(Sirji Apka Jawab Nahi). I would like to thank all the photographers who patiently captured all the lively moments. Last but not the least all the families and kids who were a part of the camping. !!!  A trip would not be succesful if the Kids and Wife would not say that they thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to participate in similar trips and they did say that while driving back home that shows that CTC was successful in capturing their heart and mind. CTC You Rock !!!

Moments my kids enjoyed and cherish
1. Staying in Tents
2. Games
3. Bullock Cart Ride
4. Cycling
5. Tractor Ride
6. Watering the Plant
7. Walk in the lake

One of best utilized family weekend. Camped Saturday night at 50 km from Chennai at Theneri Lake. Surrounded by tree and few 100 meters from lake, it was a unique moment. More than 30 Families gathered together camped in tent house (1st experience to spend night in tent house and was really amazing), had campfire and multistage dinner. 

Weather was fantastic and can’t expect any thing better than this. Morning started with perfect lake walk followed by many games, bullock cart ride, tractor ride and watering to 1000s of plant, planted by CTC team 2 weeks back. Prolonged breakfast continued from 6 AM to 10 AM was sufficient to keep people fully enjoy activities. Few have nature run for TWCM.

Drizzling before windup, was bonus desert added along with Paysam. We vouch for 20 Hrs camping as one of best moment in our life. Location, food, tent house, sequence of activities, involvement of peoples and satisfaction for contribution to environment makes it memorable and unique.

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Group photo of all participating families and volunteers

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