What's happening out there?

So what has been cooking lately in CTC ?
Below a summary of the events organized in our group during the last one month – 40 events by 30+ volunteer organizers across 10 diverse categories in which more than 900 members participated spanning outdoors, sports, environment, wildlife and learning.
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Events Categories

Individual Events
Date Category Event
12/20 Triathlon Chennai Iron Triathlon
11/29 Trek One day trek
Nov 27-Dec 7 Backpack Emperors backpacking trip to Nagaland
11/23 Green Annual Green Day
11/23 Wildlife Snack walk with Irulas
11/23 Workshop Swimming camp
11/22 Cycling Chikka Hampit 1 day cycling
11/22 Cycling Chika Hampit Cycling
11/22 Trek Empertors moderate trek to Nagala 80m falls
11/22 Cycling Mountain biking off roading South Chennai
11/16 Green Marina Coastal Cleanup with Korean Navy
11/16 Workshop Swimming camp
11/16 Green Ainthinai tree plantation KCG Eng College Karapakkam
Nov 15-16 Trek Life is calling 4 – Kumara Parvatha
11/15 Trek Ainthinai Back to our Roots 9 – Organicville
11/15 Green Ainthinai Seed sowing Pungail and Palm
Nov 15-16 Trek Conquer your dreams – wilderness exploration
Nov 15-16 Trek Round the Mighty Nagala
Nov 15-16 Backpack Emperors backpacking to Tidetan Villages
11/9 Workshop First Aid camp Bangalore
11/9 Green Ainthinai tre plantation at Kolathur
11/9 Photo Photography trip
Nov 8-9 Trek Picnic Polamaa?
Nov 8-9 Green Aintinia back to our roots 8 Vanagam/Nammaalvar Farm
11/8 Cycling Seesaw cycling around Banerghatta
11/8 Trek Emperors 1 day moderate trek to Nagala East
11/2 Marathon Javadhu Hills Ultra
11/2 Green Ainthinai – afforestation in Thiruporur with TN FD
11/1 Cycling Countryside cycling Chikka Tirupathi
Nov 1-2 Biking Emperors roads & off roads ride to Javadhu Hills
Oct 25-26 Green Ainthinai – back to our roots 7 – Vanagam visit Karur
10/26 Green Ainthinai tree plantation at Pondy
10/26 Trek One day trek to Nagala
Oct 25-26 Trek Picnic Polamaa?
10/19 Trek Emperors Express Trek 9
10/18 Workshop Basic Photography Workshop & Birding
10/18 Green Ainthinai tree plantation & maintenance at Kanchipuram
Oct 18-19 Trek Discover the unknown Nagala
Oct 18-19 Biking Emperors scooter ride to Pondy
Oct 18-19 Trek Emperors Moderate Trek to Nagala
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