Javadhu Ultra – Where do I stand?

Find below some statistics which will guide you in evaluating your current run performance.
Half Ultra
The chart below shows the top 50%, 25%, 10% and best timing for various categories for which sufficient runners participated to generate meaningful statistical data:
  • Top 50% – are you above or below the average runner in your category?
  • Top 25% – good, you are part of the top 25% runners
  • Top 10% – outstanding – you are among the top 10% in your category.
  • Best – finishing time of the winner – your ultimate goal 

Ultra Male Open

FM Male Open

Categories for which fewer runners participated have insufficient data to generate statistical meaningful data.
We hope these charts will allow you to evaluate where you stand and plan your future running roadmap accordingly: either first improve your timing in your current run distance or ready to upgrade to the next level.

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