CTC Event Calendar 2015

The Chennai ‬Trekking Club organizes hundreds of outdoor, sports and environmental non-profit events during all weekends of the year through our 50+ volunteer organizers. Additionally each month a major event is organized to create awareness on various areas: trekking, navigation, running, cycling, triathlon, environment. Presenting below our calendar for 2015:

Main Annual Awareness Events
  • Jan – MTB off road – off road mountain biking near Chennai
  • Feb – CTC Anniversary – Month long outdoor events celebrating CTC’s birthday
  • Mar – Trek Polamaa – Inspirational talks on outdoors, sports, environment by renowned speakers – referrals welcome
  • Apr – Navigator Bootcamp – month-long workshop teaching navigation skills
  • May – Treasure Hunt – various teams compete to find hidden clues leading to treasure
  • Jun – Chennai Coastal Cleanup – mega-cleanup across South India to create environmental awareness 
  • Jul – Chennai Triathlon – entry/mid-level distance Triathlon
  • Aug – MTB race Javadhu – mountain biking in hills
  • Sep – Chennai Trail Marathon – Ultra trail marathon near Cholavaram
  • Oct – Javadhu Ultra – Ultra trail hil run at Javadhu hills
  • Nov – Green Day – CTC Ainthinai’s annual Green Day creating awareness on green initiatives
  • Dec – Chennai Iron Triathlon – mid/top-level distance Triathlon including the Iron distance
Weekly Ongoing Events
#Event invites/post-mailers shared in our group in the past 12 months:

Our Online Presence
Member discussions, sharing event photo links, posting topics related to outdoors, sports, environment
Event post write-ups (experiences) by our members
Mailing group used by our organizers to send out invites and post-event mailers

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