CTC Ainthinai Green Day – Team-work towards a Greener Planet

Seeds of green efforts were sown in Thenneri, Walajabad (Kanchipuram Dt) this Sunday, Nov 23rd,2014 on the account of “GreenDay” Event by CTC-Ainthinai, giving birth to one of the most eco-sustainable green community in the lap of Mother Nature. This plantation is unique and special by its own way. Right from choosing the locality to plant, selecting the saplings, practices carried out to plant till manuring and maintenance, every activity was carefully carried out involving the importance of the place, nature of soil, impact on environment , survival of the saplings and thus towards making one of the most important and significant environmental impact.
Around 200 Volunteers from Ainthinai CTC participated in this event and planted 1000+ varieties of saplings including Pungai, Vengai, Iyal Vaagai, Neer Maruthu, Poovarasu, Teak, Yelilai Paali and Ilupai saplings. These trees were selected according to the soil texture and pattern of environment in the surrounding lands of Thenneri Lake. Apart from planting the saplings, care was taken to mulch the root bed with dry leaves, enrich the soil with organic manure, establish tree guards and water them for the safe growth and survival of the plants. The local community people of Thenneri village and President of Thenneri will continue to maintain the saplings periodically along with CTC-Ainthinai Team to ensure the full growth and survival of the plants. These efforts will make Thenneri a promising Eco zone in the future which will attract huge species of birds and animals making it as one of the most effective green community in that area.
CTC-Ainthinai would like to thank Tamilnadu Forest Department, Rotary Club of Chennai Presidency, President and people of Thenneri Village and all the volunteers who participated and planted, without whom this event would not have been successful. CTC – Ainthinai would also like to thank EnvironmentalFoundation of India (EFI) team members for the participation and plantation in this event 

On account of “GreenDay” similar to this plantation activity, 100+ Saplings were planted in Madhurai by Maram NGO in Kappalaur, 500+ Saplings in Pudhucherr by CTC & YHAI and 100+ Saplings in Tirunelveli by Nellai Nature Club.
Team work
At the outset of “GreenDay 2014” CTC-Ainthinai would like to thank the key people who worked together as team to make this event as yet another green milestone of Chennai Trekking Club and towards a  grand success.
Profound thanks to our founder and the man who leads by example Peter Van Geit for his constant support from the time of planning this event till the last man to come out of the plantation field. We would also like to thank our pillar Prabhakar who stood with energy and enthusiasm and motivated all our efforts.

The journey for “Green Day” started with the vision of Masu along with the key support and guidance from Siva and Vinoth. Sincere thanks to Masu, Siva and Vinoth for identifying Thenneri and for their tireless pre-event activities on and off the event site.
Thanks to Ela and Krishna for coordinating with Tamilnadu Forest Department officials for obtaining the clearance and permission to conduct this event and saplings grant.
Jayanth did a great job in coordinating with the local people at Thenneri Village who continue to provide all support to us.
Thanks to our Accountant  Shantha and Transport coordinator’s  Prabhakaran, Muthukumaran, Shyam, Vinod Bala, Abirami, Sundhari, Parthiban , Arul Laxman, Ruthira and Kavith,Arunjadesh who planned and executed tasks in a well structured way. 
Excellent work by photography team Noel Prashant, ManojKumar Pandiyan, Dinesh Kumar, Balameenakshi Sundaram, Ramesh Kumar, Sulai Sha, Sathish Kumar, Shamini Nagarajan, Saba Nayagam, Kathar, Saravanan Munusamy in capturing every second of this event to make it as ever green memoirs.
Thanks for the Go-pro videographers Manoj and Prashanth for their HD Motion capture moments.
Food and refreshment team was handled by Arun Prasath, Arun Prasath G who did a well coordinated job in arranging the food, transporting them to the field and distributing them to the volunteers. Thanks to Abiram,Usha and the team for taking care of refreshment drinks.
Big thanks to Prasanna on identifying the good catering guy to supply quality breakfast for the 200 volunteers.Food Department team was handled by Prasanna, Arun Prasath, Arun Prasad G who did a well coordinated job in arranging the food, transporting them to the field and distributing them to the volunteers
Mulching team lead by Sandhiya, Manickam, Arun Jadesh and Prabhakar did a wonderful work in preparing the mulching materials and transporting them to the plantation areas. Thanks to Raja Marthandan for giving the Grass Cutting Machine, which was helped the mulching team to cut the weeds and use them as a mulch for the saplings.
Bala and Vinod Sundar did a collective and well organized effort in leading the Tree guard cutting and making the tree guards for 100+ plants.
Tools play a vital role in such big plantation event and this was carried well by the team lead by Nambi,Manikandan,Vinoth Sundar and Arun Prasath for timely collection and gathering of  the required tools for this event. And we owe a big thanks to “Raja” from Avaloor village, who arranged 27 garden hoes by borowing from each person’t doorstep. Soon we are planning a Tree Plantation Drive in his village to repay our thanks.
Thanks to Raja Yadhav for sponsoring and supplying the energizing Millet cookies during this event.
Thanks to Krishna,Sinthu who delivered fantastic speech about the event. 
Thanks to Yazar for awesome posters of Green Day and Manoj Gopinath for new logo design for Ainthinai
Special thanks to Arun Krishnamurthy lead Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) team for the participation in the event and support rendered in providing tools for the plantation.
Special thanks to the team leads Aravind,Kishore,Nambi,Dinesh,Dharamaraj,Bhaghat,Prasana,Balaji Gunas ekaran,Manoj, Mani. These leads made sure that all the volunteers occupied with tasks and shown great support to finish planting 1K saplings from 7 am to 11:45 am. And also the big thanks to our Pondy team Malan, Selva and Brinda on carrying out the Green Day Tree Plantation Drive in Pondichery Region.
A very special and sincere thanks to all the passionate volunteers whose hardest efforts and green dream has seeded the beginning of one of the largest green community in Thenneri Village. Your efforts and presence stand all above and one of the mightiest. 
Heartfelt thanks to Tamilnadu Forest Department officials for their tremendous support all through the event and our sponsors Rotary Club of Chennai Presidency. 
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