CTC Ainthinai – forging ties with the Tamilnadu Forest Department

Over the past 1.5 Years Tamilnadu Forest Department has been actively involved in supporting the environmental conservation efforts of Chennai Trekking Club – Ainthinai’s Green Initiatives across Tamilnadu at various levels.  
The association of CTC with Tamilnadu Forest Department grew stronger with the support of eminent higher officials who passionately encouraged, participated and granted permissions for our Green Missions.
CTC Ainthinai Volunteers are also actively involved in supporting the Special Projects conducted by TN Forest Departments like Tree Census, Special Plantations, Restorations and Tree Mapping.

In our journey towards spreading a green community involving sustainable and organic practices, the below events were very significant in bonding a stronger collaboration with Tamil Nadu Forest Department Officials:
§  Continue to provide saplings for all our plantation events in 2013,2014
§  Tree guard cutting permission in ECR and Madambakkam areas – We saved 50+ well grown trees so far by removing the disturbing tree guards
§  Participation and grant of 250 saplings for the Anniversary plantation event in Ayyangarkulam, Kanchipuram
§  Participation, Establishing Stall and Awareness Presentation in Trek Polama 5 Session  for 2013
§  Permission and approval for maintenance of Tiruporur reserved forests
§  Saplings for the first-of-its-kind plantation in the scientific restoration of Arasankalani lake along with EFI
§  Saplings support and participation in Kandanchavadi Govt Hr Sec School
§  Permission, approval and support for Nanmangalam Reserve Forest walk – An educative and awareness session
§  Permission to conduct First Hill Run of South India in Javadhu and providing 25d0 saplings in support for Javadhu Run
§  Manapakkam,Adayar Lake maintenance drive with all higher officials of Forest Department
§  Transporting the saplings from nurseries to the plantation spots
CTC Ainthiani would like to place our sincere and profound thanks to Tamilnadu Forest Department for the participating, supporting and encouraging our efforts towards conservation of the environment we live.
Below are some of the eminent officials who joined, supported and continue to support our Green Mission:
1)     Thiru. Irulandi IFS, ADPCCF Tamil Nadu 
2)     Thiru. Asokan, DFO Urban Region 
3)     Thiru.Ram Prasad – Ast Director 
4)     Thirumati. Vasantha – Satistical Officer
5)     Thiru.Thanappan – DFO 
6)   Thiru. Selvaraj – DFO Vellore
7)     Thiru.Samandham – Ranger 
8)     Thiru.Prabakaran – Ranger 
9)     Thiru. Lakshmanakumar – Ranger
We invite you to join our annual Green Day on Nov 23rd in which we are planning to plant 1000+ saplings near Walajabad in association with the Tamilnadu Forest Department – join us here

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