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CTC Ainthinai in Numbers

Since its inception in 2012 CTC’s green team has done impressive work in the fields of tree plantations & maintenance, lake and beach cleanups, waste management in major events, organic farming, green education and collaboration with the TN Forest Department, NGOs and corporates. The poster below highlights a few key statistics. To create more awareness on the importance of a greener planet and to highlight its initiatives CTC is organizing an annual Green Day in which we are reaching out to all of you to join hands with us. This year we plan to plant 1000 saplings near Walajabad and need 200+ volunteers to make it a big success. Join us over here.

Faces of CTC Ainthinai
It’s most of the people’s perception that, the people who are passionate on Green activities are viable to other outdoor activities like Trekking, Triathlon, Marathon and etc. Here is the answer to the people who thinks in that way. The below faces are the not just the Green Events Organizers but also participated and showed their performance in outdoor activities. These people are not just Facebook and other social activist, but the real activist on the field and their passion. Most of the people who are passionate on other outdoor activities is shown less interest in any of the Green Events. But the below people are the one who has the passion about Mother Nature and consistently participated in other activities. The Person, who says the conservation of Mother Nature is only part of the Green Team, is not matured enough to speak about their passion.

Faces of CTC Ainthinai:
It’s most of the people’s perception that, the people who are passionate on Green activities are viable to other outdoor activities like Trekking, Triathlon, Marathon and etc. Here is the answer to the people who thinks in that way.  The below faces are the not just the Green Events Organizers but also participated and showed their performance in outdoor activities. These people are not just Facebook and other social activist, but the real activist on the field and their passion. The below people are the one who has the passion about Mother Nature and consistently participated in other activities. The Person, who says the conservation of Mother Nature is only part of the Green Team, is not matured enough to speak about their passion.
1.    Selvakumar – Pondicherry

One of the founding members of Team Ainthinai in Pondicherry Region. He easily attracts the people by the humorous way of speaking and acting. Very hard core volunteer on field and good at handling the situation very flawlessly.  Very passionate about our Mother Nature and greater vision on creating the more greenery in Pondicherry.  Showed his tremendous effort on CCC/5 at Pondicherry and inspired many people in Pondicherry regions. He setup his own small nursery at Pondicherry for saplings on demand to plantation and he got vital knowledge of herbal plants.  He planted 30+ sapling on his b’day with kids.
 2.   Saba Nayagam 

A passionate biker in CTC Emperors Biking Team and one of the best volunteer of Ainthinai.  Though he has the different passion, he never forgets to give his time to Mother Nature. Actively participated in more the events from the Day 1 onwards. In many serious discussions, he has given a simple and valuable solutions to the team. He is a good video editor and created a beautiful video about Devanoor Restoration activity and selfless volunteer efforts which were inspired many people.  
 3      Praveen 

A yet another passionate biker, CTC Emperors Biking Team Organizer but also one of the best volunteers in Ainthinai Team. He has diversified his talents not only his passion biking but also good at trekking and able to find more team on the green activities. He also organized few treks with Masu and active Biking Organizer in CTC who is working on to bring CTC name in Tri Nations by Organizing a Tri Nation biking trip on coming January. He was leading the Team during the Segregation activity in D2D 2014 and successfully accomplished it by sending the segregated garbage for recycling.
 4.    Yazar

A creative designer of CTC and fun loving person designed many creative posters, banners, medals, brochures for many of the CTC outdoor events. His creative designs helped to reach more people in social media about the event. Marathon, Triathlon, Trek Polama,CTM and many other events. And he is the official designer for our Green Day event on Nov, 23. His creative designs helped a lot to spread the awareness about the event, mission, vision, achievements and etc. His efforts towards the team in the name of designs are tremendous. He never hesitates to sit late nights to complete the creative for the event. All the above, he also participated many green events for past 2 years and contributed in many ways.
 5.  Vinoth

One of the very passionate and cautious persons in CTC Ainthinai Team. Practical person who has convinced his entire family about the impacts of plastics usage and stopped them from buying it. A person with broader views and vision. A main person behind the successful mission Plastic Less Emperors 100th Trek. Next to Peter, he is the one who always welcome to use his car to transport the saplings, tools and many things which have been used for the green activities. Though it was a brand new Car, he never hesitates to load the 50 saplings which were planted in his residential area and which was the founding day for the CTC Ainthinai Team. In many events, his car has been used to transport the saplings from one place to another place. A good speaker, who took a session about the impacts of Polythene in our environment during our Trek Polama 5 event. His home is the pilot site for the Ainthinai activities. A year ago when we found out a abandoned nursery with 1000+ saplings, he was a person who opened his backyard door to keep those 1000+dying saplings and ensured most of them are survived and planted in many places. That was the moment which our Ainthinai Nursery has been blossomed. Though the nursery brought so many mosquitoes, never complained a single word to vacate the nursery and still it continues here. The whole family of him is behind success of Ainthinai, No matter who comes to nursery maintenance, sapling plantation etc, all of them would be treated as guest, friend and no one can leave from home without touching their home food, the amount of care what he and his family members shows to us is something we can’t express through words.  He is another core guy of Ainthinai who involves him for planning and pre-event works and takes care of obtaining the critical part of “obtaining permission” for planting etc.
6 . Prasanna Ramasamy

Very active, vibrant and passionate Organizer of CTC Ainthinai Team.A perfect example of a person with many diversified nature. Excellent organizer of green events, who keep ups the team sprit on the entire event, good trekker, cyclist and an Organic Farmer. Aspirant part-time farmer who bought a piece of land and producing pesticide free vegetables for his family. Leading by example with his tremendous efforts on producing the harvest from a land which is next to the 100+ acres which are converted as a plot. Good at perfectly managing and balancing his martial life with the Green Activities of the team. Taking his wife and kids to D2D marathon and making them to participate to cleanup activities is where we observe his passion about environment. Very caring, fun loving person, he is a strong inspiration to many people in CTC.
7.   Karthik

One of the active volunteer which team has gained in recent days. Dedicatedly participated in many more events with in short span of time. Never hesitate to stay late or stay long during the events. His contribution during the CCC5 is tremendous. But unfortunately he has moved to Australia to pursue his higher studies.
8. Malan

One of the Founding members of Ainthinai team in Pondicherry. He is also having a different dimensions as a trekker, biker and green activist. His effort to get the permission to plant 400 saplings in Pondicherry University is priceless. Having a broader vision to implement many things in Pondicherry. The key person who had represented CCC in Pondicherry with the help of his friends. His planning’s and executions during the CCC were admirable and commendable. Very passionate person who was planning to conduct Clean up activity a year ago before CCC was introduced in Pondicherry.
9.   Brinda

One of the active volunteer cum Co-Organizer of Team Ainthinai in Pondicherry region. Her tremendous efforts are shaping the strong foundation in Pondicherry region. She is getting mentored by Pondicherry Team Organizers Malan and Selva. Her selfless efforts during CCC5, was priceless and commendable.  Her passion about green conservation doesn’t stop her to travel from pondy to Chennai every week end while doing madambakkam lake clean up.

10.  Nambi

One more example for the Ainthinai Team Organizer with diversified with other outdoor activities in CTC. Hard core trekker, Trek Organizer, Cyclist who have completed few randonneuring series, completed a Monsoon Survival mission with Peter and many more.  One of the key person behind a Corporate who sponsored to plant 1000 saplings in a Ayyangarkulam, which is one of the best Project in CTC Ainthinai who is working along with few NGO’s and Facebook Friends. Organized many tree plantation drives, tree walks and maintenance drives.  He cracks jokes like anything and make everybody feel light during the event though the job is tough to do.
11.   Ravindran Prasanna

One of the passionate and active person of CTC Ainthinai Green events. Mariner by profession and Very socio conscious person by passion and Guitarist by hobby and active person in many more areas.  Running an NGO and supporting the people and kids who are living in a homes.Participated/Organized many rallies to create awareness about buying organic products, Accident Free Nation initiatives. He is also showcased his talents in outdoor activities like Cycling and Marathon and Rappelling.
12.   Sivakumar

One of the core volunteer cum Organizer of CTC Ainthinai team from the Day 1 of its activities. Another example of a person with a multi dimensional skill set in CTC. Had good experience on trekking, participated in PX5 trek with Peter, Treasure Hunt -2 with Emperors Team, ran CTC’s Buckingham Canal Marathon, Nellai Marathon and completed two triathlons of types Sprint and Olympic in Nagalapuram. Organized many tree plantation drives, saplings maintenance drives, Organic farm visits. By profession a Software professional and by passion a Nature Enthusiasts. He is called as Manager of team ainthinai for leading by example and truly fits 100% for theme “Be the change”. He is a follower of Ayya Nammvalar and attended his sessions and inspired by him and His got good amount knowledge in organic farming.  The first one to ACT and last one to take credits on the amount work what he does. He is always happy to be in behind the scene and make lot of positive change among people.
 13.   Kannan

A research scholar from Pondicherry University and an active vibrant volunteer from Pondicherry Ainthinai team. Co organized/supported many events along with Malan and Selva. One of the key person behind, planting 400+ saplings inside the Pondicherry University and maintaining them with good survival rates of them. His contribution during the CCC5 event was uncountable. One of the promising Organizers in Pondicherry team.
14.   Parthiban

One of the hard core volunteers of CTC Ainthinai Team. Participated in many events by contributing his selfless efforts. Supported the organizers in many ways during the events and reduced the burden of the Organizers. One of the promising persons, to whom we can give any kind of work and complete that without any issues. An attitude of never rejecting Organizer’s request during the event. Recently got married and educated his wife about the impacts of plastics and following it in daily life. Match for each other by the way they are contributing to our mother nature by participating in the week end events instead of roaming outside and enjoying the weekends.
15.   Bhagath

One of the passionate and strong volunteers cum Organizer of CTC Ainthinai from the Day 1 of its green activities. Coolest person who handles the situation very smoothly and Organized many events for CTC Ainthinai.  He is the one who gave the idea of marking each sapling in a map and tag them with a name and its characteristics. This was useful when we are going to the same location for doing the maintenance drives. Always brings his 1 ½ year kid to the events wherever he goes. Gave many good ideas to improve the process in our team. Key person behind the series of Tree Plantation drives in Kaatupakkam Residential area and Arumbakkam, near Arakonam.
16.   Manoj

One of the active volunteer cum Co organizer of CTC Ainthinai Events. By profession a Software Employee and by passion a Photographer. Good at capturing the wonderful moments of the events. Humorous guy who always makes the surrounding people to laugh by his words. Co Organized few events and getting mentored by the team members. Very passionate on conserving Mother Nature and promising to organize the events individually in future.  
17.   Sridar

Founder of ‘Lets Grow Our Own Oxygen” initiative in CTC. Hard core trekker cum Organizer of CTC outdoor events like Treks and Cycling. Person with a strong attitude and drives hardly to attain his goal. Participated in many treks and DFS. The seed which he has sown in CTC is grown bigger and bigger and spread its branches in many areas and enrooted maximum level.  Very passionate guy on conserving Mother Nature and very practical person on handling the situations.
18.   Krishna

Two persons will come into our mind when we talk about Forest Department. He is one among them. He is perfect example with multi dimensional skill sets in CTC. Good trekker and participated in treks with good number, Cyclist, hard core marathoner and completed almost 10 Marathons, blogger who inspire more people with his writing skill, good lyric writer who wrote many perfect quotes for the team. The key person behind the Javadhu Ultra Marathon. Stepped into forest department office as many time as he can and constantly communicated with Forest Department officials to get the approval for the running. Maintaining a good relationship with Forest Department for our CTC and Ainthinai team to procure the saplings for our tree plantation drives. Very good spokesperson of CTC events and participated in a TV interview program about CTC and its outdoor activity. He is official blogger of team Ainthinai. 
19.   Raja

One of the strong persons in the team. Good at taking quick decisions for the team. Shared many valuable ideas and suggestions for the team. His simplest solution cum idea which was produced a cheapest our own made tree guard with the average cost of Rs.250-300/- By profession a Business man and by passion an Organic Farmer, who is running a Dairy Farm near Chennai and supplying the Organic Desi Milk to Homes and Shops.
20.   Arunajadesh

One of our hard core Volunteer of CTC Ainthinai activities. Organized and Co organized many events for Ainthinai. By profession a Professional Photographer and by passion nature conservationist. A guy with high amount of potential on Organizing and participating on the events. He will do wonders by his camera and inspire more people towards our activities. 
21.   Arun Prasath 

One another hard core trekker and a multi tasker with never-say-die attitude and carries the knowledge and know-how of agricultural methodologies.
Comes from a strong agricultural background and could handle any tasks with a huge smile in his face and goes for extra miles to attain perfection and completion. A passionate volunteer and a humble organizer, he is multifaceted as a runner, swimmer and cyclist. Associated himself in all major events of CTC as a dedicated volunteer.
22.   Manikandan

He is a great personality who spreads awareness about blood donation among people and he saved lot of life with his contribution.  One of tough volunteer of the team Ainthinai and ever smiling face for any contribution to Mother Nature.  He is a silent inspiration to many people in CTC and contributed many green events by co-organizing, taking care of pre-event works. 
23.   Sudhakar 

A one-man-army who could handle an army of tasks. His major contribution as a single handed soul was in CCC4 where he took charge to tackle the onfield support for coordinating the garbage collection. Handled close to 750+ phone calls in 2 hours of time and played his pivotal role in garbage collection and segregation process. A passionate photographer and a nature lover. He and his whole family involved in collecting 50K neem seeds in his home town last year to sow them around Chennai south lakes.
24.   Vinodh sundar

New co-organizer of team ainthinai. He is sincere about green conservation and blocks all most of this week end to do volunteering for green events. He doesn’t have boundaries to work within the organization himself. He is very actively participated in volunteering events with various groups. Very silent and active guy on the field. 
25.   Siddharth 
An early starter with Ainthinai, a passionate photographer and an upcoming journalist. Very aggressive towards his interest in learning the agricultural methodologies. One of the major contributors to highlight the difficulties of farmers and their drought hit farming lands. He is also instrumental in growing Ainthinai by organizing some unique events. His contribution in capturing moments of green events through his photography was high advantage to inspire many in Facebook at early stages and his words are powerful to inspire people, He is an amazing blogger. 
26.   Aravind 

 A reformer and a high energy executor of farming and agricultural practices. One of the very early and active soul of Ainthinai who contributes his time and passion towards organizing some unique events and agro practices. An ardent trekker, a triathlete and an avid reader of environmental techniques who has organized multiple agro events in Ainthinai. We measure the healthy growth of the tree by making Aravind stand near it J. Most of the time he goes night shift but never failed to show up his participation on Saturday morning. An unmatched personality to contribute anything to Mother nature.
27.   Abirami

Regular tree walk and terrace gardening organizer,joined green events @kanchipuram. She inspired by the team ainthinai effort in ayyangarkulam by seeing the total transformation of dry lake bund to green cover by planting 1000+ around it. She continued to show interest in all green events from then. Dedicated volunteer on field. She is always interested to interact with kids, Dentist by professional. Green women of CTC green team by passion.

28.   Sankar 

The charming man of Ainthinai who is also a runner and trekker. Completes the tasks by carrying a huge smile in his face. Has contributed his efforts as volunteer and organizer for lots of plantation and conservation activities. 
29.   Sinthu

 Fun loving person, very committed to the tasks she assigned for. She joined CTC with the interest on treks but participated in “organic farming” visits which made her to close travel with mother nature and continued to participate in green events. She is hardworking volunteer, contributed by co-organizing beach clean ups, He is another official blogger of team Ainthinai. 
30.   Raja Dilip 

An environmental enthusiast and a cool contributor to the growth of Ainthinai. An experienced and a well planned organizer who keeps the team going with his quick witty jokes. Involves himself with his family in every event of Ainthinai and hosts every other team member to be one among in his family. Compassionate personality with his interest spanning across trekking and agriculture.
31.   Ela 

A hardworker towards the social causes and very concerning towards environmental preservation. One of the very important bridge in building the relationship between Ainthinai and TN Forest Department. Very much interested towards agriculture and executes tasks with more care and responsibility. He is also instrumental in building the relationship of Ainthinai with eminent naturalists.
32.   Masu 

One among the seeding members and very active thinker whose green dreams have been the vision and roadmap for Ainthinai. A hardcore trekker by passion who has climbed the mighty heights of mountains and a farmer by heart and soul. One of the prime motive and reason behind some of the greatest initiatives and leap forwards of Ainthinai. A runner, cyclist, go-organic enthusiast and an inspirer of Dr.Nammalvar, his ideologies and actions towards farming and farming practices speaks louder than voice and inspires others.
33.   Sandhiya 

A fervent biker and trekker by interest. One of the early (Girly!) member of Ainthinai whose interest was to sound for the voice of farmers and their problems. Very much interested in farming methodologies and happen to initiate the practical and close encounter of the drought problems of farmers in Tanjore belt. He is an excellent speaker who presented Ainthinai effort through presentation in Trek polma last year and helped to inspire many CTCians to think about green events. With various interest and passion, he participates in green events and clean-up drives. He was one of the lead for Marina cleanup drive @ CCC5.
Team Ainthinai – CTC Green Wing

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