Ainthinai – Back to Our Roots: Agriculture Is our Culture

The objective of this initiative is going back to our roots which we have lost it due to the Globalization, Urbanization and other factors. Food is not being manufactured in Concrete Industries. It has been grown up and produced in our mother earth. Mother Earth is feeding her blood in the form of Harvests. But due to the rapid population growth, agricultural lands have been converted into Plots and Apartments.  In order to feed the people, Farmers are forced to use fertilizers and pesticides to produce the food with the very short span of time. Due to over pollution of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides, mother soil loses its fertility and living organisms have been killed.
Due to Urbanizations, the current generation is getting away from the agriculture and they are not able to answer the simple question, where has been the rice produced? We are the team who are inspired by the Great Organic Agricultural Scientist Dr.Nammalvar, who has spent half of his life time on promoting the Organic Way of Agriculture and fought against many anti-environmental activities. He is the reason behind many youngsters who left their current unsatisfied job and going back to the villages to find the roots in the name of Agriculture or Farming.

A simple example which Dr.Nammalvar conveys to the people about the impacts of the Green Revolution has ruined our own Agriculture System. Our traditional rice verity grows tall and gives good yield even though the climatic condition is worse, but takes longer period. Even though the time period is longer, the agriculture cycle was running successfully without any issues. The approach which had been followed was “Bottom layer should go to soil, Middle layer should go to Cattle, top layer should go to home (அடிமண்ணுக்குநடு மாட்டுக்குநுனி வீட்டுக்கு)”. But the Hybrid Rice verity which has been introduced in Green Revolution will grow very small and gives yield in short span of time that the traditional one. This approach collapsed the entire cycle of agriculture. The decreasing quality of straw (farm wastes) created food shortage to cattle in turn turned into sending the cattle for meat shop. As the no of cattle decreased, the amount of organic manures has been reduced in turn let the famers depend upon the chemical fertilizers.
As part of this initiative, we used to visit the nearby Organic Farms. The activities which involved are1.Volunteering, 2.Stay at Farm House 3.Seed Sowing 4.Preparing Soil Beds for Greens 5.Vegetables 6.Learning the farming techniques 7.Preparing and applying natural fertilizers to the plants 8.Preparing and applying natural Pest repellents 9.Removing the weeds 10.Plowing the land 11.Harvesting the product and many other farming activities.

As of now, we have conducted Nine (9) programs in Chennai, Madhuranthagam, Karur and Pondicherry. Nearly 300+ Agricultural aspirants from various industries like “Software”, “Schools and Colleges”, “Govt Employees”, “Business”, “Self Employees” participated in our event and gained the knowledge of Agriculture and other farming techniques.
We strongly believe that the learning’s should have to be implemented. Few of our team members have started their passion towards Agriculture and Farming. We produce our poison free food and eat them. It’s everyone’s right to eat the poison free food.  A report says, High amount of magnesium injection to cow leads to give more milk from cow which is not organic, healthy milk. High amount of pesticides, fertilizer used in producing food makes our food inorganic, unhealthy food. These all even affect mother’s milk as inorganic (composition of chemicals). Do we say mother’s milk is purest in the world? Due to high consumption of pesticides, People’s health condition is also getting worse drastically.
With the prime motive “Lets Grow Our Own Food”, we have conducted many Terrace Garden Sessions to grow the vegetables in our terrace. Many of the participants started their own pesticide free vegetables in their own garden. 

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