Post trip write up – Sadras photography scooter ride March 16th

Heritage Photography ride by Scooter to Sadras, write up by Mr.Girish.
First of all I want to thank Navanee for giving me this  opportunity to write post trip write up(Basically forced upon me, since no one was willing to do it for 3-4 hour trip,But I am glad someone forced me to write, if not I won’t do it 😉 ). I want to thank people behind CTC for this wonderful initiative 6 years back, it’s not just an organization which is there for trekking, social events, photography events & etc, but it’s a place to come together, share & enjoy.
Photo: Heritage Photography ride by Scooter to Sadras .....
Photograph by Dinesh Kumar.
I was cycling from my place to gate from where I was to walk 1km to pick up point, but unfortunately my pickup was already at the place waiting for me, so my walk was replaced by running. Then we reached Tidel park signal @ 4:30 AM. As we reached there I saw only two people there (Dinesh & Lakshmi), then I checked my watch its 4:30 AM but within 5 min most of the people gathered around. Then we left the place by 4:45 AM and reached nearby place before leaving Chennai to have early morning Tea/Coffee.
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After waking up our brains with energizing Tea/Coffee we left Chennai by 5:15 AM. When riding in ECR road we were the only one who was enjoying the beauty of Land & the Sea with 50 km/hour speed.
After Kovalam before reaching Mahabalipuram we stopped at around 6:05 AM to enjoy the beautiful Sunrise(Basically everyone’s bottom was paining, so we were giving rest to it:-P). Adding to the wonderful Sunrise we also enjoyed watching Cruise bikes making ECR road happy with there speed, I saw more happiness in some people faces after seeing Bikes than Sunrise. There was one guy who kept Sunrise & Bikes aside and was busy giving pose to people taking photos, ya you guessed it right, it’s Dinesh J.
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Then we left the place @ 6:30 around and reached Sadras by 7:15. As we were waiting for our organizers instructions about what to do & where to go, we were directed by Villagers to enter the Old fort of 17thCentury. It was dry fort with just fort compound and 2 to 3 small shelters, but being there from 17thCentury it might have its own story to tell, but nobody was there to listen. I think it might be happy that still people are coming to visit it. After an hour of photography every bodies stomach was sending signal to its brain to feed something, so we decided to move from there to hotel, where everyone had food till their brain shouted it’s enoughJ.
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Then we left the place and moved forward to find good peaceful place to have intro session, then everybody introduced themselves and we rested for few minutes then started from there towards Chennai. Before reaching Chennai after Kovalam beach we stopped near Boating to rest out bottoms, to energize over selves and also for bird watching, then we departed from there after planning for next trip.
 I want to conclude my write up by mentioning how good the CTC trek/ outing is, when u first meet everyone at the starting of the trip you just smile and say hey, but when you about to leave after the trip you will say bye with warm hug or at least handshake with smile and there name on our face and hoping to meet in future, This is the magic that happens between beginning and the end of the trip. 

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