The sports men and women of CTC – their accomplishments & targets for 2014

Even tough CTC is a hard-core trekking group by nature, in recent years we have ventured into many diverse outdoor activities like cycling, biking, photography, workshops, environmental conservation, social initiatives. More recently we also got into sports – running, marathons and triathlons. They all have one thing in common – we like to get out, explore new places, get active and energize ourselves in the outdoors and make many like minded friends along the way.
Last October we started with our 10×10 series – running 10km for 10 continuous days and since then completed 7 series or 700km in which hundreds of members participated. Some of them did just a few runs, some of them joined many. Most of them shared one thing in common – they were totally new to running, could hardly think of running a few kilometers before. Something inside them triggered them to overcome their mental blocks, wake up early in the morning and start running. Soon they were in the company of other like minded sports men and women and got addicted. Life changed for them.
In this email I wanted to recognize some of CTC’s regular runners in our 10×10 series, their amazing sports (run, cycle, swim) accomplishments in just a few months and their passionate goals for 2014. I hope these testimonials will inspire some of you to activate yourself and – believe me – it will change your life for good.
Name Photo Profile Accomplishments Targets for 2014
Ela Joined CTC in Oct 2013. Started running in Oct 2013. Did my first HM in CTM 2013 with 7 days of Practice. Completed FM in TWCM 2013. Did 300KMs off road cycling to Nagala. 1 Moderate CTC trek and few private treks. Completed Olympic Triathlon. Planning to complete Full iron Triathlon in 2014 and to finish FM in Sub four Timing. TWCM Full Marathon (FM)
CTM Half Marathon (HM)
Olympic Triathlon
15x10K runs
Sub four hour FM
Iron man
200K brevet
Hema My running journey : I never ran in my life before![not even to catch a bus :p] I started running last October and was able to do CTM 10k in Dec with just 2 days of running in 10×10 series. For me, it was a huge accomplishment. Since then I’ve participated in few 10×10 series. I wasn’t even that good at running, but running was so good to me. Hoping to get into the habit of running regularly and get fit for life! My motto for running : Find your pace. Run your way.

My cycling journey : It all started after attending CTC’s cycling workshop in Sep 2013. I bought myself a pretty hybrid bike the very next day and signed up for CTC’s Cholavaram-Poondi off-road cycling trip in Sep 2013. Did 100k+ without even knowing how to adjust the saddle and I did not understand the gears. Since then I’ve participated in few leisure trips with CTC, Did 150k+ Brevet, Javadhu hills off road biking, D2D 6hours cycling event and did few on my own, just me, the road and my thoughts…
My journey with CTC : Joined CTC in Sep 2013 and I love to be a part of it. Did a moderate+ & moderate++ treks to Nagala and Munnar in Sep & Oct 2013[I have visited many places but trekking is a different experience altogether]. Attended few workshops. Volunteered in few CTC events and other events supported by CTC. Had great fun with like-minded, dedicated people who made the challenge fun and encouraging. Participated in few plantation, seed sowing and lake restoration. Over all, my experience with CTC was awesome. CTC helped me to discover myself and my life is changed… Thank you Peter!

100K cycling D2D
160K brevet
8x10K runs
Auroville HM
Olympic Tri
Weekly 80-100K
Sathish One boring evening, in October 2012 while I was browsing Internet on trekking, I came across CTC and immediately enrolled. From then on, have completed 10+ moderate treks. My running history starts from 7 Oct 2013; in second 10*10. On completing it, that boosted my confidence level and spot registered my CTM maidden half marathon and had a strong finish with only 10 days of running experience. Slowly started cycling from Nov 2013 and did 100+K cycling in D2D. Targeting to complete Brevet 200,300,400,600. Adding more millage to my account this year. TCWM HM
40x10K runs
100K+ cycling D2D
Auroville FM
Half Iron
50K Ultra
SR2 – 1200
One HM per month
10K swimming
Ganesh I joined CTC in 2013 june, was interested in social activites and fitness, now focusing on weight loss with cycling and running, TCWM HM
19x10K runs
Buy a Trek 3700 cycle in Feb
One HM per month
Swimming class Mar Aquatic
Olympic Triathlon
Sundhari I joined CTC in May 2012. Till now I completed 6 treks. I was a regular to gym in the past 7 years and started running recently in Oct 2013 as part of the ongoing 10×10 series. I want to focus on long distance running in 2014 + learn swimming and get into regular cycling. 2 x HM last week
40x10K runs
Auroville first official HM
Oct CTM Full HM
Cannondale Trail Ladies Mar
Swimming classes Feb 2nd Aquatic
Sanjeev Started running in Aug 2012 to lose weight. Completed first HM in TWCM 2012 in 1:48. After 2 killer diseases and 2 almost crippling injuries and a surgery in 2013, came back stronger than ever to do a Personal Best HM in 1:43. Joined CTC after CTM 2013. Started cycling in Dec 2013 and completed Half Iron Triathlon 15 days after starting to cycle. Did 5 official sub 1:50 HMs, weekly 30k runs, 3 unofficial FMs, and 2 complete 10x10s back to back. Running about 250km every month. 1:43 DR HM
Unofficial FM
Half Iron
40x10K runs
Sub-8 Half Iron
Sub-4 FM Mar
Auroville FM
Full Iron
300K BMR
21x21K runs
Swetha Christy It all began with CTC 🙂
From just following information for few months then i thought it was time to get into action. Then started with a walk/run session and have come a long way. Never thought i could do long distance running. From just tracking mailers it’s now to trekking, running, swimming, cycling and volunteering. All with the support of my fellow CTCians – runners, trekkers and cyclists, from amateurs to freaks (you would know once you see). And that’s not all, made a whole bunch of pals and having whole lot of fun. Hmmm… now need to really learn swimming. Friends and folks might call you crazy and weird but here we call this fun 😉 Even if you’re not sure, attempt it, that’s sportsmanship. It’s better having tried it that not at all.
Coolrunners HM
15x10K runs
100K+ D2D
Auroville HM
Brevet 200K
Hari Joined CTC in July 2013 and had been volunteering for all CTC events. Started running in September 2013 and completed first HM in CTM. Planning to practice more on swimming & cycling and participate in the upcoming triathlon events. CTM HM
28x10K runs
Auroville HM
Enticer and Sprint Triathlon
HM sub 2:30
Rekha Started trekking with the CTC since 2012. Leg injury , surgery and after being dormant for few months realised how important is an active and healthy life.Started running by Nov 2013 mid and she feels running gets addictive with the group and early morning runs just pumps in the energy for the day. TWCM 10K
11x10K runs
120K cycling D2D
200K brevet
1 hour 10K
Surya Its been a year and a Half since i Subscribed the CTC Google Group, till that day, I used to get some Frequent mails regarding Trek,social and Out-door Adventures events.So it was one fine day after registering for the CTM and TWCM and thought,Oh yes i need to practice for the FM’s. Then it all started with Peter’s Second Series of 10*10 with just 8 days of practice and conquring successfully the 2 FM’s. My legs are still wanting for more and getting addicted to Running and Hoping to pull Fellow Like-minded peoples. CTM FM
TWCM FM sub-4
Hyd HM
15x10K runs
Waking up by 5am
Tri Half Iron (to learn swimming)
200K brevet
Ramesh Ramesh is an aspiring Triathlete & Ultra Marathoner.

He was introduced to RFL (Runners For Life) by one of his friends in Mid 2009 and that is how he got into some serious running. His first official Half Marathon(HM) was “The Great Tibetan Marathon” in Leh which he did in 2hrs 45mins. Then on he did quite a lot of HM’s in his first year of running. RFL organized a duathlon in Bangalore after which he got into cycling as well. Within few weeks of buying Merida Sub 40, he did a 24hour cycling and completed 350kms. He has completed 200km(thrice), 300km(twice) & 400km randonering events as part of Brevets. He did attempt the 600km cycling event as well but had to quit at 555kms due to gear problems in cycle. 2011 & 2012 he has been out of activities due to office work.
He has done 4 Full Marathon(FM) officialy and several FMs as part of his training runs. In July 2013, he completed Half Iron Man organized by CTC. One of his best runs todate was the 67km Independence day run on Aug 15th during which he ran the FM distance holding the Indian flag. On Sep 2013, he ran the 100km Sundown Ultramarathon in Singapore. He attempted the Full Iron Man event organized by CTC on Dec 15th and almost completed it but had to quit with just 6kms of running to end the event. Recently he had done a 100km run at Javadhu hills over the weekend by running 50kms on two consecutive days. His focus for 2014 is to run a 100mile, complete IronMan and to improve timings on Running, Cycling & Swimming.

Singapore 100K
98% Full Iron by CTC
Half Iron Man by CTC
Olympic Triathlon at Thonnur Lake
Javadhu hill 100K
Hyd FM (twice)
Mumbai FM
Auroville FM
200,300 & 400km Cycling
600km cycling (quit at 555kms due to technical difficulties)
100 miler
Full Iron
1000 & 1200 Brevet
FM Sub 4:30 (Oct CTM)
21x21K runs
32x32K runs
Improve on timings on all 3 aspects of Triathlon
Peter Did a lot of hard-core trekking in the first 5 years of CTC – loved pushing my physical and mental limits, exploring untouched forests and connecting with mother nature. Early 2012 got my first MTB and loved it – have done numerous cycle trips to hills and off road trails in South in past 2 years. Did not touch my Enfield bullet for the past 2 years 🙂 In last one year was inspired (and intimidated) by all those marathon runners. Could hardly wake up early mornings or run 1K without hurting my legs. Finally got myself a good pair of running shoes in Oct last year and started with a 10×10 (running 10Km 10 continuous days). The regularity of the daily runs and persistance (completed 7x10x10 = 700K in Oct-Dec) got my legs tuned very quickly. Signed up for my first official marathon TWCM in Dec and finished sub 4 hours. Meanwhile started running 50K ultra-s to Mahabs and planning for a 100K hill trail run each month in 2014. After organizing 8 triathlons I want to finish a Full iron triathlon myself and started practicing on my long distance swimming in the past months. One thing I learned – persistence and dedication allows you to reach targets you would not dare to dream of before TWCM sub 4 hour FM
Himalayas 1000K MTB
175K Navagraha run
100K Javadhu Hill run
Few Mahabs 50K Ultras
100K+ D2D cycling
60x10K runs
One 100K ultra hill run every month
21x21K runs
32x32K runs
Full Ironman
Run Shimla-Leh 1000K in Aug
200-300K MTB hill riding
Long distance swimming (sea)
Venky Joined CTC Mailer in the 3rd quater of 2011.
First CTC Event is CTC’s first Triathlon – Sprint category
Then Buckingham Canal HM completed with jus 18 days of practice
2 moderate CTC Treks & few private treks.
Did many 80+ kms rides.
Volunteered 5 Triathlons, 2 CCC’s
Started Running after an Year in CTC 10*10 2nd series & regularly workingout to achive my Targets!!!
Expecting a blasting miles in 2014.
CTM 10km
30x10K runs
Pulicat Cycling with few Odipolamaa Team Members in a single day 160kms
Maiden FM – Auroville
Monthly one self supported HM
Completing Bangalore Ultra 50KM in Nov2014
Targeting 10KM in sub 40min
Wanna pull at least 5 of my friends into running community…
Having a Target of 1500kms Run & 2500 kms Ride in 2014
Prabakar I am a Finance & Accounting Manager by profession but a Fitness Freak by heart. I love pushing the boundaries of my physical endurance. I enjoy swimming, trekking, running and cycling. My aim is to complete a Full Iron Man in sub 15 hrs. before I turn 40. Apart from these, I love being an MC for stage events and watching movies with likeminded people Triathlon – Enticer
CTC Amazing Race – Finished 4th
TWCM 1:41 HM
CTM 1:38 HM
D2D 42K+120K cycling
Sub-4 Full Marathon
Full Iron Man – Completion
Auroville FM
300 KM Cycling
Lead few 5×5 or 10×10 in coming months
Gain Muscle Weight – 10 KGs
Raghul  Started trekking on Feb 21st 2012. After many treks, attempted the first athletic event, sprint triathlon in Sep 2011 and subsequently completed the olympic triathlon.
Completed first half marathon in October, 2012. So far completed 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon. In triathlons, completed Ironman 70.3, 75% Ironman & Full Iron distance triathlon.
Ironman 70.3
3/4 Ironman
Full Ironman
International Ironman
Half Marathon in sub 80 mins
Full marathon in sub 3:10 mins
Enroll for Fitness Education
Train people
Krithika It all started after a trek, which triggered me to learn swimming. I Iearnt swimming in July’13. Later on started running in CTC’s 10×10 series. Inspired by many people in that group, I set some goals and kept the spirit up.
And participated in Olympic Triathlon. The fear of swimming in open water is still there! Planning to learn it better. And long distance ride makes me more happy 🙂
Olympic Triathlon
D2D 100km cycling
30x10K runs
3 – Half Marathon
Full Marathon in TWCM
Olympic Tri in 4:30 & Half Iron
Over all 1000Km run & 2000Km cycling
Tamil ‘Be fit’ is my mantra for life!
I play all kind of sports and will be active in it.
And I started running in the CTC’s 10×10 series.
Completed a half marathon in 2:11 PB.
Olympic Triathlon
1- Half Marathon
Brevet 200,300,400
Half Iron
Half Marathon in sub 1:50
Full Marathon in TWCM
Yukesh Started to participate in Second 10*10 series as an preparation for CTM 2013. Joined CTC in Oct 2013. From thereon have been a regular participant in 10*10. Started cycling in Nov and did Brevet 300 with MR in Dec. Now hoping to todo SR. Want to, injury free and finish strong in the events participating. Maiden CTM 10KM
Maiden TWCM HM
Maiden 300K brevet
30*10K runs
100K Javadhu Hill – Cycling
Brevet 200, 400, 600.
Pre-qualifying for PBP (1000/1200)
Sub2 HM
Enticer/Sprint/Olympic Triathlon (Yet to learn swimming)
Alex Joined CTC few months ago, joined 10 X 10 and got addicted to this group, now my favourite sport is running HM in D2D for Gods own children, Leisure cycle trip to pulicat Few more HM and some cycling events, trek is the part which i didnt touched yet,and triathlon Olympic level
Kausthu Joined CTC in 2013 September , and from thereon have been a regular participant in CTC’s 10X10 Series.
Without any practice or history of running , completed 2 – 10×10 series. Took a goal to complete 50 – 10K runs and completed within 115 days timeframe.Planning to clock my best timing in CTM ‘2014 event.
50x10K runs
Sub – 2:45 HM
100X10K runs
100 Km Cycling
Make my wife run 2 – 10 K runs in any of the marathon events
Murali Joined CTC in December 2010
Social Trek 2
Volunteered TWCM, Traithlon, D2D, 3 CCC’s
Inspired by CTC’s 10×10 and started running in October 2013 and full finisher of 5th 10×10
16x10K runs
Unofficial HM
Auroville HM
Half Marathon sub 2:30
Half Ironman
Full Marathon TWCM
YuvGokul R 23X10K runs
2 Olympic Triathlons
Half Iron (1hr:30min above cut off)
D2D 10K
3 Terry Fox Run
7K X 150+Days (Non-Stop Daily Run)
Make 100 people start run for better health
Take initiative & volunteer for Chennai’s First Mid-Night Marathon 2014

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