Post Ride Write-up – "Ride fr a Cause"

Writeup by Rajeev
As warm & Cool Early Morning Breeze touching our Soul’s flowing across, we all mounted our bikes and started our day for ‘the ride’. ‘The ride’ which we are doing for a Cause.
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Riding a bicycle, always makes me remained of the old days, my old childhood days, as my dad was supporting me on my back to teach me cycling. And undoubtedly, Cycling stands top on the list of one of the first greatest achievements of my life, Of ‘OUR lives’. And I am proud now, that I have not forgot/ignored that first successful moment of my life.
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The weather was alright by the time we started from our home and we were all expecting a shiny day. But in the twinkle of an eye, when we were about to start, we found that the rain drop’s from the sky and most of us were in the confused state, what now….??? I ll say, It started raining like cats and dogs. I thought that it was an Omen from God’s, wishing us all a good, for the ride that involves a good Cause in it.
We all took shelter under a tree, like different birds, to protect ourselves from the rain.  We were all from various places, various backgrounds, various lifestyles, various strengths and what not we were all Stranger’s to each other. Firstly, One of the beauties of thease kind of event’s lie in this making thease bird’s come under a single roof and know each other, along with the Adventure and Excitement involved in this. All the Hi’s and Hello’s followed as each other shook hand’s with the smiley face’s on our cheek’s.
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And we were out of schedule, according to our pre-plan that our organizer done. and you should be ready for such happening’s. we had hot tea/coffee in the cold weather that made us energize. Then we all started our ride from the starting point, which is shollinganallur signal, as the rain slowed down a little. Every one rode according to their Pace and the climate was absolutely perfect. The ride went on, as we can look at the appreciating tall buildings and villa’s which were built far away from the city Noice’s. Then came our first halting point at Keelambakkam Bus stop, where we all grouped up again for a while for some rest. From there our next stop was at the Thiruporrur junction, where, on the way we can find some lush green tree’s along the way. The main part and the most important one took place, at this halt was our Breakfast. As most of us were almost reaching out of energy, this break point was exactly the one to be found on time.
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After fueling ourselves up, the next main part of the ride was to come. The OffRoading part. Looking at the large open spaces filled with greenery and nothing else, was the region that any human being would love to explore at least once. But as it rained in the morning the off roading became a little bit tough for most of us. But we tried to explore as much as we can even the 
Trail was hard to ride. And riding on the offroad, for just a mile or so, proved to be much tougher than our onroad ride that we’ve done until now for almost 25km.
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From there we were onroad again, where after some distance our organizer found out some other trail for offroading and he asked for the approval of the group’s member’s who are all willing to go again into the Offroading. Surprisingly almost all of them, except some fella’s accepted to come and we set out for an other offroad ride. This was even more wonderful place than the first one. One can’t really calculate the beauty of the nature, any place you find appears to be absolutely more beautiful than the other one.  And I can say that, This is the Better place than this one.
We all set out for the dam in the Thirukkazhukkundram where we all rested for almost 2-3 hour’s near a lake. Where all of us cleaned their bikes in the lake from all the mud that we carried from the offroad’s and then some men took a little sun bath in the lake. Freshening ourselves up, from all the exhausted faces, back to a fresh one this lake provided us one nice shelter. Then came the repairing of the puncture’s as some of us took a nap in the hot sun. After that we started our way back to Chennai.
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In the way back, it was jolly riding back, conversing with various group member’s. the sun started to show it’s power now and it’s a little hot for us to ride. We had lunch at Thiruporrur, and then we all donated our amount to the organizer and finally we reached our ending point. And at the end we all reached the same place where we started, in between with all the fun, excitement, hunger, adventure, leisure, patience, knowledge and every thing. And finally we all dispersed to our homes safely.
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And in the ride that went all well has also ended well.
I’d like to thank Rajsekhar, our organizer for organizing this ride very successfully. Thanks to Raj Kumar too, for being at the back of us all the time and acting as a sweep, to see that no participant get’s out of the way. Thanks to Ponnu raj for his helping hands and supporting all the cyclists during the offroading. And a silent man Shiva for sharing his biking experience and Knowledge.  And a special thanks to Dhevi, the Radio Volunteer in the Group.. :P, for keeping the group alive and active. Thanks to every one name-by-name for participating in this event and sharing your idea’s and thought’s.
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Finally, a Special Thanks to the great but simple man Mr. Peter Van Geit, the founder of CTC, for making many such event’s happen all across the year.
(Thank you)

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