Post Cruise Write Up – NB Cruise II: Jakkal Madgu Waterfall

Write up by Ram Anji
It is a trek’king’ sense of feeling when ever a trek is planned, I pack my gear and jump into air. For all good reasons this was not any exception. Perhaps on a higher level as it was clubbed with biking(only worry of me not riding one).
It all started with an alarm buzz on Sunday morning. Even before it was dusk I was on road. The fun started as soon the gang started gathering in front of Esteem Mall. We hit the road around 7.30 with a couple of FAZERS, FZS, and an unicorn, a pulsar, a splendor, even a DIO with a THUNDER BIRD guiding us. I was asked share a bike with ARJUN the FZer. 
The Odometer of our bike found no limit until we found the lead biker, Dalvir pulling his bike at 50kmph. Our two bikes reached pretty early at Hotel Krishna Sagar to break the fast. Dalvir and vani took the traffic cop responsibilty to stop our ‘herd’.
Saravana jumped into FORM from here. His eagerness to collect ‘koffe’ toffee to give it back to cashier, we almost saved 10 bucks(I dont know if someone lost 10 toffees). After the ‘light’ refreshments we resumed our escape from the concrete jungle. From this point since there were no one to lead, Arjun, the FZer throttled the engine to even three digit speeds(I’m sure CTC does not have any speed
The bike herd reached chikballapur bus stop with out any hiccups. The usual halt at chikaballapur to get something to fill the bellies is done to proceed on to the actual destination. They say anything good you do, do with a proof. The physical proof (other than our nonperishable  snaps of memories) is the snaps we capture our trail all the way and this task at hand started right away as we reached korukonda, or may be it is Dhobi Ghat. 
A few kilometers from there the bike was longing to see any tarmac road. The situation slipped to even worse when the gravel road ended and bike tyres found no road and just a stream. 
Although from our perspective the ‘roller-coaster’ ride was stupendous.We pulled The bikes  to halt at the start of the wet stream, from where we are supposed to leave the wheels and take the walk. 
We crossed every other ‘last’ point of water with Dalvir aerial sweeping us. 
And the flock finally reached the dry falls where village cow-boys were eager to have a chat with us, with usha translating between us. Next time guys, whoever brought the ball, please try to bring a harder and bigger one as the ladies were not able to hit Saravana to the enough. 
We quickly followed the stream back to find our bikes in position and condition to take us back. 
With fair amount of struggle the bikes were back on road and took us directly to a hotel to get some lunch-cum-snacks. The tiny accounts were settled in the hotel and bid good byes to each with some hope to find each other again. Other than some donations to the highway patrol cops(If arjun is willing to elobarate the details, it would be appropriate), all of us reached safely and profitably home.
Write Up by Balachander
I did only few treks and all of them were with CTC in 2012, then unfortunately I had to move to Bangalore in December for work. Since, then I was unable to participate in any trekking event because of various reasons, and the main reason is I will not be in Chennai when some interesting event is taking place or there won’t be any interesting event when I’m in Chennai.
Every morning I used to check CTC mails for any interesting event. The moment when I saw the mail from Ramjan Pathan for a cruise cum trek to Chikkabalapur, I was excited like hell. This was the perfect event I was waiting for, because it is happening in the city where I currently reside and for a person like me it is a double dhamaka to get a trekking event along with an opportunity for cruising on my bike. Immediately without wasting any time I called my friend over phone to join me as pillion and registered for the event. I was then waiting desperately with fingers crossed to get selected for this event and finally the confirmation mail came with my name on the list.
Sunday morning me and my friend(Sugan) started at 6 am… fueled the bike for Rs.300 and got ready to hit the road for covering the total distance of 150km(from my home to Chikkabalapur’s trekking spot and back to home). 
The assembly point for the event is at Esteem mall in Hebbal and no surprise that I’m the first to reach the spot due to my long thirst for such an event. And then one by one everyone started showing up. Totally we were 19 members with 10 bikes ranging from Thunderbird to Dio. After a very short introduction we started to cruise from there at around 7.40 amwith instruction from Pathan to halt at Krishna Sagar(exactly 17km from Esteem mall) for breakfast. I had my favorite masala dosa and a cup of coffee.
Our journey then continued with few halts for the photo session and also to make sure that everyone is on track. 
 After nearly an hour of journey we reached Chikkabalapur town… Pathan and few others went to buy fruits. In the mean time I was trying to park my bike in the parking zone and all of a sudden my bike’s clutch wire got cut. I was quick enough to understand that and stopped my bike. For a moment I thought I’m out of this event but thank god there was a mechanic shop just a few steps ahead. He quickly changed the clutch cable and charged just Rs.23 for labor and service parts.
I was about to start from the mechanic shop, and Pathan called me over phone to know my whereabouts. Luckily I haven’t wasted their time and I joined the team for continuing our journey over the challenging rough terrain of chikkabalapur.
 The sloppy terrain was merciless with gravels, large slippery stones, wet mud, narrow groves, and rude thorny bushes all along the way but nevertheless it was an awesome experience for the last couple of miles.  Finally we reached the destination and everyone started preparing for the trek. As per tradition in this trek also we followed the narrow water stream to reach our ultimate destination of Jakkal Madgu falls. 
It gave me a slight disappointment to see the falls completely dry but still it’s worth it. We spent some time over the top of the falls to admire the beauty of nature and then started trekking back to meet our beloved rides waiting for us in solitary.
The sky became dark with water loaded clouds to burst on us at any time and remembering the difficulty of the last 2 miles, which posed extreme challenges in dry weather, would be a nightmare in rain made us to rush out quickly and we were out of the harsh terrain before it started drizzling. The gentle shower which lasted just a couple of minutes removed our tiredness and was very refreshing.  We then reached a small vegetarian hotel in Chikkabalapur town for the lunch/snacks at around 4pm. I drank litres of water, couple of soft drinks, 2 big vada, and a coffee. We then said goodbye to each other and started our journey back to home… with wonderful memories…

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