Post Trek Write up – Monsoon Trek In Kabbinale Forest – Life Is Calling!

Monsoon Trek In Western Ghats – Life Is Calling!

Shola forests at Kabinnale forest
Quick we disappeared into the thick jungle even before the sun could rise for the day. The chill breeze, the thundering waters gushing in the river, the trees dancing to the tunes of the heavy wind indicating the perfect season to do a monsoon trek. We were all set to explore this pristine forests of Western Ghats were the rains don’t end, were the clouds rub your shoulders, were the grasslands befall your trail, were the mighty natural beauty greet the tiny humanity-
After negotiating with the bushes and thorns we made our initial hike crossing the stream, penetrating into the thick woods, soon to be lost in the thick and sloppy ridges of the Western Ghats forests grasslands. It was a pleasure walking on the ridges on-looking the beautiful streams unfold as waterfalls. That astonishingly beautiful and breathe taking sight and the breeze to which I was part of, tickled my senses and made me realise – “if there is something called as beauty, it has to shy away admiring this forest, if there is something called as delight it has to get some glee from this forest, if there is something called as life, it has to know what it really means after traversing through this creation. The grass, the flowers, the leaves, the roots, the droplets, the tiny insects and even the shade of that little lovely flower had life flourishing here”.
Durai in Kabinale forest - waterfalls
The encounter’s I had during my trek inside this pristine forest has given sleepless nights and dreams about the ‘life’ which emanates from this forest. The fresh water direct from the sky, the magically clouds engulfing the entire forests and peaks, the smell of the lemon grass, the mammoth peaks piercing sky, the spanking fresh grasslands – how will I ever mind the little leech sucking my blood when I am lost in the beauty of nature, when my mind is filled with unbound glitter, when I am not able to differentiate the forest and me. It’s a feeling of not being close to nature but being part and parcel with nature. A unique experience and my words fall short to describe it.
Lonely Tree at Kabinale forest
A delightful Encounter above the Clouds:
The non-stop hike through the ridges took us to some of the magnificent peaks while the bone chilling breeze ripping us apart it was a sense of absolute ecstasy. The wind-blown peaks and the incessant rains I loved them both for they made me realise how my mind and soul was badly craving for this occasion. The open grasslands, the beautiful mountain humps surrounding me, the milky clouds swallowing the green valley, the supernatural fog emanating from the thick woods of Shola forest, the soothing drizzles making me feel alive, the melody of the birds mesmerising my soul. The honest portion of my heart prayed to shed my body here to fly with the clouds and sing with the birds forever.
Durai - Onlooking Kabinale forest
A Bone-Chilling Night Deep Inside the Shola Forests:
Never did I realise that it was time to break for the day all I kept doing was referred as ‘trekking’ but to my mind I was in a state of complete ‘ecstasy’, if I was to define a word for that state of mind. The thin sun light which managed to enter into the forest slowly faded giving its way for the thundering clouds and the heavy down pour, soon we realised that camping near in the open grasslands or near the peak will be quite challenging. Quickly we rapped our bags and moved into the dense Shola forests, the thick woods became our tents to guard us from the rain, wind and the thunders. The whole night I was listening to the thunders, the different sounds emanating from the trees, insects and the birds. I loved them all to the extent that I had few leeches sticking to my body; probably they too loved me the way I liked the forest.
Kabinale forest - Sholas
All the beauty in this world will admire you, all the freshness in this planet will cherish you, all the life in the universe will respect you, all the mountains in the globe would love you, all the grasslands in the earth will envy you, and all the clouds in this cosmos would long to visit you. You are the soul and source of life’s existence. You are the incredible Western Ghat forest.
Kabinale forest clouds
Trekking through Donigal green route:
Cutting across the thick jungles of the Western Ghats from Sakleshphur to Kukke is the green route railway track trekking. We were on the best time of the year to trek in this place with the misty clouds engulfing the tracks and the swollen river roaring on the side. Tunnels, tracks, rain, thick forests, river, peaks, breath taking views and greenery my mind was busy allowing all these spectacular views to sink inside me. The most delightful part of this trek was the waterfalls gushing from the mountain and dropping on the track. I am simply awe-struck with the chill bathe in that refreshing water.
Donigale railway track and waterfalls -Durai
My soul was desperately crying to shed its body and become part of this forest – unlucky I am to be back in this lifeless city – Life is calling!!
Happy Trekking,
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Durai Murugan

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