Post Event mail : Kanchipuram Historic site restoration,Tree plantation & Lake Cleanup- 23rd & 24th march 2013

Kanchipuram Historic Site Restoration,Tree Plantation & Lake Cleanup

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“To be poor and be without trees, is to be the most starved human being in the world. To be poor and have trees, is to be completely rich in ways that money can never buy”
              It all started on March 3 Kattupakkam tree maintenance activities for me,that was a great day indeed i really felt very happy  to be with the Richest people in the Universe.During Kodai trek,Masu informed me that there will be a tree plantation activity at Kancheepuram i was very much excited and the next day itself Aravind has sent the registration mail i was ecstatic to see “Food will be taken by organizers” in the registration Mail 😛 and offcourse i have immediately registered :).

                           Finally the day has arrived,myself Arun,Senthil,Gnana and Mahesh reached Kanchipuram by car .Once we reached the temple city,our first agenda was break fast 😛 .and then we have proceeded towards the temple .We thought we are the first persons to reach the temple but once i reached there,i saw people applying some white cream (increasing their glamour 😛 )and Village vingyani(Scientist) arun was experimenting something with Siddharth’s DSLR . Saba and Arun started capturing the scenic beauty of the temple’s huge tank.
      Every one has reached the site.This time friends from Pasumai Vidiyal,Environmentalist Foundation Of India -EFI and FB friends also joined with us .We have started our activities with breakfast 😛 I was thinking what would be the recipie for breakfast.Since i already had pongal i was expecting idly to be served.But my bad luck again pongal has been served i have completed my break fast with compulsion ( i dont want to waste the food 😛 ).Except me and mahesh all of them started restoring the temple, myself and mahesh have finally joined with them once finished serving the food for the local people.

       We have splitted as two groups,one group climbed up the temple and started removing the bushes on the terrace and restoring the gopuram and other group of people were removing the bushes and grass inside the temple campus.Kids in the temple also joined with us and made our work easy and small goats did their part by eating the grass.Initially We found very difficult to pluck the unwanted plants which were stongly rooted between the stones of the mandapam we felt really tough to remove it from the root and we got succeded partially in that .Once we plucked the unwanted plants between the stones we poured acid in the roots to prevent the growth.
                   Sun started emitting its radiation to the core .We finished our first phase of cleaning by noon and had a small break.I have been told that Bala’s Celluloid Nan kadavul and some other films shootings happened around the temple and i was eager to visit the well which was located bit far from the temple.Myself Senthil,Aravindh,Arun,Mani and Ramya went to that spot and we were pleased to see the architecture where we found an underground path to the well.Meanwhile Siva and Vinodh brought the plants and saplings to temple.


                             It’s Lunch time .Lemon Rice with pickle is the recipe.It resembled as Biriyani for us 😛 since we are very much hungry after the heavy work .Next ??????
Next is rest !!! .To overcome the heat Aravind sponsored money to buy ice creams .Due to limited funds:P myself,Masu,senthil,vinodh,Sudhakar,Arun and Siva left the temple and we have crossed few miles to find the ice cream shop . We bought water melon for the poor fellows who dint come with us .
                                Sunset – We came back to temple and we have decided to go the spot where saplings are going to be planted on the next day .Thanks to technology !!! JCB bulldozer has already dug many holes for planting saplings .Saplings have been brought to the spot from the temple and we have  watered the saplings and the holes by fetching water from the temple’s tank.

               Therukoothu (Street play) is a folk art which is famous in tamilnadu . We came to know that there s a play scheduled at night and we got very much excited .Once we finished our dinner,eventhough we are damn tired,We started to the village by night .Play was already started a guy was explaining about the play and i am sure that he was speaking tamil but I couldnt understand the slang for some words.He gave the lead for the most awaited hero introduction scene .Hero entered the scene with BGM 😛            Hero was holding a sword in his hand and he peroformed some steps and his costumes were tremedous with wide head dress,wide colorful skirts,sparkling shoulder plates  and makeup with bright colours . We watched the play for some time and we went to sleep since we have to wake up by early morning next day to get rid of heat.Guys who performed play were extremely talented they itself taking care of Song,Music,Costumes etc etc. Therukoothu is now virtually a dying art 🙁 🙁

                            Sunday !!! We woke up around 430 in the morning and we have reached the spot and started placing the saplings near the holes. We started watering the saplings and the holes .Once Village head has arrived we planted the first sapling and everyone splitted our works  since we need to plant 50 saplings .The greatest challenge we faced is water, we overcomed the water problem by putting group efforts.

                        Sun didn’t show any mercy on Sunday also. Started our second phase of work after the breakfast and we have planted the remaining saplings.Around noon we have completed planting all the saplings and the next challenge is to safeguard the saplings . Since we dont have any tree guards we managed to use thorns as tree guards . Gnana did a terrific job in placing the tree guards.

          Finally we have completed planting all the saplings and our main concern is about maintenance .We conveyed the same to the village head and he also promised us to help in all our iniatives we left the village with his satisfactory words …
For those who missed it -tree plantation around the lake will happen continuously depending on the survival of saplings planted previously. We noticed plenty of birds visiting the vast lake .The lake would become an ecological hotspot once we complete our plantation and cleanup activities.

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