Post Ride Write up – Javadu Bike Ride – March 2-3

I am writing this note nearly two weeks after the memorable CTC bike trip to Javadu.  Met Ansar earlier on an Orange ride organized by KTM and thanks to him for selecting me into this ride. This is actually my first organized ride by a great guy called Simon. Have made trips to Trichy Pondy and some small midnight rides to Vellore but this is my second group ride after the Orange ride.
Similar to other guys who have registered I was also anxious that my name will come up for the ride and thankfully my name was selected and was on the list. And we wrote on the nabble link created by ansar for the riders to introduce plan and communicate. With heavy spirits was waiting for the D day and it came on March 2nd.

We assembled on the right side of the road towards ECR and Simon and other were there opposite to Tidel towards Madhya Kailash. I was the First to reach and that’s for the record.!! Purushotham Suresh Arun and others came. Met Arun after the Orange ride. And he remembered me crazy dude.!! We got a call from simon and we had a small drive a U turn to opposite side where nearly 15 people were there. But when I crossed the signal I didn’t see anyone waiting and so said I am the first one to assemble.
We were packing up the things and met JAY. He helped me pack my luggage into the pillion seat with bunge cords. And the guys Gautam,suresh,Antony,Melvi,Deva,Arun,Muthu,Prasanna,Jay,Yoganand,Karmegam,Sanket,Ganesh, Purushothaman C, shreenidhi, Sivaraj, Premkumar S,myself and the Leader Simon. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. We took off from Tidel signal with Arun as backing up the people for the ride and Simon leading from the front.  I missed the initial moves as I left early to fill petrol for my bike. Caught Arun at shollinganallur and we caught them nearly 20 mins back at the toll near uthandi. People were waiting for me. That’s great and was happy to be in this pack. We took off to mahabs and when I drive alone to mahabalipuram it was like ten min and it was like one hour for me with fellow riders with u and enjoying the cool morning breeze from the east coast. 
I said one hour because it was eventful and I had no time wasting missing events all around me.  We had a halt near A2B where we met bicyclers who were pumping their blood and sweat instead of petrol as we did. They were part of TCC and some other cycling teams were also there. Was eager to check out Arun sekhar, my friend in TCC who is spirited in Cycling.  And we started snapping once we reached A2B. My first snap was JRJ and was decent not bad though. We went in to break our fast and we succeded. Pongal vadai dosa and idly gave a good time for our tongue and for our food sense. After all those moments of giggle and wiggle we started off towards cheyyar and we had a awesome ride towards cheyyar the ECR scenic way along with the pack. We group near the right towards cheyyar. Had a chat with prasanna (TB) on that pause. Had a rough road and then was a beautiful spot where arun was shouting at me to take pics using my cam. But he didn’t know that I gave the cam to yoganand and Gautam to take picks opf the pack since one of them will be a pillion. We had a stop between after 30 mins and we had some time to ccool off and start. We came to know about some others in between. We reached vandavasi and we marched on an on. Kudos to simon and Arun. He was waiting patiently whenever the pack fell apart.  And the later one took responsibility to bring the remaining to the clan. We went on towards the Javadi hills and we drove thorugh country rods low traffic and Paddy fields on both ways. 
When we were enjoying this we came to know that we are nearing the hills as it lit up our retinas. We marched on and we marched on until purushothaman’s exit. We missed him on the ride. He had a injury and he returned back. We went on towards javadi and had a halt just before the uphill. Near a bunch of bamboo trees. We maintained our distance and took off. I choose to be at the end of the pack with Arun and JRJ. Where I can try some stuffs with my duke. I enjoyed riding through the hills was tricky and adventurous. 20 mins into the uphill ride our ears got a treatment of the altitude creep. Got a block in my ear for a moment and went off in 10 seconds after that. We took some glimpse seeing through the forest and enjoyed my first hairpin bend on the way. It was juicy and awesome.  Like the sugarcane that Deva and Melvin gave us!! We stopped near a sign board from Tourism department and use the same board for leverage to break the cane. Sorry for the faster guys they missed the sugarcane. We reached we riding till bus stand kind of a place where we parked the bikes. And that was a great moment with all the bikers packed. Then went for a feast of Biryani with the crew!. We finished the lunch fast and came back to our bikes. We started again within a hour or so. We took off pumped petrol and hit the road after the lunch. We didn’t expect to take a turn there and there was no road at all. That is where the offroading started. We went in through the ragged roads. I didn’t have a question if my slick duke tread will do. But it turned out wonderful. There was no glitch what so ever. 
We had a 2 hr off road journey where we had a very enjoyable period in which people started discussing about dogs for dinner. We did some arathu wit the duke and throwing up sand and yoganand was there to capture that. We came to a perfect sunset and sun rise spot near a valley with a bunch of houses nearby. As soon as we reached the small children there came up and were enjoying good time posing for JRJ. Simon was telling about a well where water is available. And that 6 footer was bang on target our camp site was 20m from the well. We asked the villagers to ccok food and they agreed for it. We started building our camp site. There was a small stretch of water near us and people cooled off there. That was a happy moment where everyone was having happy time giggling and having fun. We came back to the camp site and we took our spots. Prasanna was the early bird and he took the center spot. We took some pics of sunset and went on to the next thing prepration for the night. We came back assembled and had a group session of self introduction. Was listening to everyone like they were gonna give me a master degree. People introduced. It was dry without girls though and joking about people when they say in a relationship married. And there was a strange fellow who said recently single. That is Mr Gautam..

There came the food and was like a feat for us. They gave us a plate full of meal. That food still lingers in my tongue.  The food was awesome considering the fact that it is so tough to get logistics to cook there. The villagers were awesome. They were good with us. They even helped some sleep during the night. The night came and everyone back to the cocoons aka sleeping bags others slept with all their body parts covered. But we went on to explore. We went in search of something a small walk after the feast. We had a creepy guy who was showing signs at us using torch and he freaked us and was enjoyable.
Early into the morning it was cold. i wasn’t prepared for that used all facilities available to keep myself warm. And had tough time and enjoyed that to say. We started to move on and start the work for the morning. We prepared in about 2 hrs and took off at 7:30 AM. We stopped at a spectacular place and took a group picture with men and machines. We continued on our trip and we had a breathtaking moment with everyone till now. I was sad that trip is gonna end. We had a 2 hr offroad trip and had a glitch with Starcity gave up but was back after the repairs. Myself jay prem and arun had some time together waiting for the jeep to turn and help us. I took my duke for a quick ride towards simon so that I can get help for starcity and going through the way met a bunch of CBR guys doing a group ride in perfect formation. Came back without any help and we had a enjoyable time waiting for the jeep. We packed the starcity and prem and head towards jamuna mathur. Where we had breakfast and took off towards home. The plan was to reach vaniyambadi and have ambur biryani at the famous star biryani centre. And we accomplished. That was the last stop where we separated and we bid adieu to each other. Was the end of a enjoyable ride of my life. Riding+camping was fun with these guys. Wish to go for a trip again with them in the near future. Thank to simon and Ansar. We reached Chennai at 9 o clock and the trip memories were at the peak during my dream

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